Fellow Ode Gen 2 with SSP MP coffee suggestions

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With this burr set should I consider leaning more toward light roast profiles? I want to try and use these burrs to their full potential while learning more about extraction and taste calibration. I might start cupping at home as well. I have used conicals over the last 10+ years and this is my first flat burr grinder.

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Good grinders tend to bring out more of what a coffee has. I'd think more about green and roast quality than roast level. Burrs aren't magical and highlight the good and the not so good both.

I don't think a new burr set is going to change your general preferences for coffee immediately. You may find with time that you prefer a different style of coffee than what you've been drinking up until this point. I'd stick with what you're comfortable with and see where your curiosity leads you in the future.

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@ Jeff "I'd stick with what you're comfortable with and see where your curiosity leads you in the future."

This was my intended approach. I feel that I maybe getting a tad caught up in all of todays YouTube channels and explosion of home coffee options. I have always preferred traditional flavors and recently have become more interested in increasing my knowledge and tasting experiences. The way I see it unless I dont like the grinder this will be my last brew grinder until it breaks just like my baratza before it.

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Just a little update. I started at setting 6 and a 30g dose to 415g water. I added an extra gram thinking that some would stay in to fill in any gaps. Ended up with the same 30g in the filter. The draw down time not keeping too close of an eye was close to 2-3min. So I'm definitely in the ballpark of my goal. I have never seen such a clean bed of coffee in my chemex! Night and day compared to any conical I've ever used. Theses SSP's really grind consistent. So far the taste is much cleaner than the J-max I was using before. I would say noticeably cleaner than the Baratza m2 burr (which I liked very much for chemex and french press). I still need to season and dial in these new burrs but so far I would say it's doing everything I hoped for. Cleaning up bitterness and regaining some clarity. No buyer's remorse here. Honestly this might be my end game grinder for filter duty. If I buy anything else it would be a Weber HG-1 or a key for espresso.