Fellow Ode brew grinder review

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#1: Post by Balthazar_B »

First in-depth discussion we've seen. Like most/all other things Fellow, this looks it'll be a well-designed, elegant product.
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#2: Post by jpreiser »

I saw the video last night and it does look interesting.

For me though, I am awaiting shipment of a Niche Zero (primarily for espresso) and have a Baratza Virtuoso awaiting delivery of new Preciso burrs so think I'm good unless the siren song of a flat burr grinder for drip/pourover can lure me to part with even more $$. Then again, I could use this as an excuse to relocate the Virtuoso to a relative's grinder-less house so I wouldn't need to use a manual grinder when I visit (post-social-distancing times). :)


#3: Post by LewBK »

Good to see a review, but this is not an objective one if Alternative Brewing will also be selling this grinder. Hopefully, a regular user who buys it or someone like James Hoffmann who generally doesn't review products he is affiliated with will also review it.


#4: Post by baonumber1 »

I'm very looking forward to it. I already have Comandante, Kinu M47 and a Virtuoso. But I'd like to try a grinder with flat burrs. I remember the first time I brewed pour over with Ek43 and it feels really different :D


#5: Post by mitochondria »

absolutely, when I upgraded from baratza encore to the flat steel vario, it was a huge difference. I prefer flat burrs for my pourovers now.

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#6: Post by invisibro »

Balthazar_B wrote:First in-depth discussion we've seen. Like most/all other things Fellow, this looks it'll be a well-designed, elegant product.
At the 9:00 mark, you can see it looks really similar to how Bunn (which I have with ditting burrs) and EK43s are constructed and has 64mm 3 screw hole burrs, so I imagine the SSP 64mm Mazzer Brew burrs would fit and one could do a sandpaper alignment relatively easily if it's not aligned well out of the box.

My main concern is I don't know if I'd trust the motor for longevity at $300 - would be nice to have a countertop quiet grinder if it could produce a cup as good as or better than my Bunnzilla.


#7: Post by violin_geek123 »

I've got high hopes for this grinder. Fellow has said in Kickstarter replies that the grinder will also be compatible with other 64 mm burrs (Mazzer, SSP, etc.), so if I can outfit this with SSP ultra low fines burrs then perhaps affordable pour-over heaven is achievable.
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#8: Post by matthewlese »

I'm also dying to get my hands on this. My Encore (w/ M2) has been letting me down so much recently, but tomorrow my 1zpresso JX Pro is arriving to tide me over until the Fellow comes.


#9: Post by Tak0 »

I'm also really interested in this one. I think having a Niche Zero for espresso, and a Fellow Ode for pour-overs, could mean having an almost café-like experience on a very small space of your counter-top.

Has anyone got information on particle size distribution?

Too bad I am not able to order it to The Netherlands/Germany.


#10: Post by sems »

I feel like if Ode gets popular, an espresso grinder with same format would be a no brainer for fellow. Imagine two Odes sitting side by side one for espresso one for everything else, maybe with a different color. Now that would feel like a cafe at home!