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lippstuh wrote:Customer service said "next year". Not very helpful.
They're coming. An update will be posted to Kickstarter soon.

We're working incredibly hard on this for everyone.



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Yeah totally understandable what's going on with our supply chain. Can't have any expectation these days, just patience. I just meant that information isn't at all helpful.

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Rice Bowl

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I've had my Ode for about a month and a half. Last night I popped in 64mm red speed SSP MP burrs that I bought from Fellow during their cyber monday sale. Really big difference in flavor separation and clarity compared to the v1.0 kickstarter burrs, and filter brews I've become accustomed to after having a C40 for years, as well as when I still attempted filter brews with my Niche.


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A year out, how is everyone's Ode working and holding up?

Can anyone give a comparison between:

Modded Vario (or Vario+) vs stock Ode?
Modded Vario (or Vario+) vs Ode w/SSP?

On the fence between the Vario+ and Ode w/SSP. Thanks for any input!


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iBrew wrote:I upgraded to the Ode from an Encore with Virtuoso burrs and I feel it was a big upgrade for clarity, sweetness and flavour. I also had the Vario with steel burrs for a bit but ended up staying with the Encore because with the Virtuoso burrs the difference between the two were nil, I really couldn't tell much of a difference, Vario was slightly cleaner. For pour over I don't think upgrading to the Vario is worth it for you. I think the Ode would definitely be a nice pour over upgrade for you
I'm really surprised to hear this, everything I have read has suggested (1) a massive upgrade jumping from virtuoso to Vario with steel, and (2) ode and Vario being similar in the cup.

Curious how it is you noticed a big difference from virtuoso to ode, but not from virtuoso to Vario steel?? Can anyone else speak to this?


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I would certainly not use the word similar in regards to the Vario and Ode, it really would make little sense for them to be so, as one deliver a coarse grind with very few fines the other a fine more unimodal grind in the relevant settings. The Vario has taste vice more in common with the SSP Unimodal then it has with the Interlocking burrs of the Ode to be frankly, yes both have clarity as both are flatburr'ish but that is about where the similarities end.


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malling wrote:in regards to the Vario and Ode, one deliver a coarse grind with very few fines the other a fine more unimodal grind in the relevant settings.
Is a coarse grind with very few fines referred to as "high uniformity" and the second "unimodal"? What is the difference (I can guess but a better explanation would be helpful), and what is the practical difference in the cup?

Are you saying the Vario is more unimodal, the ode more high uniformity? I had read elsewhere indications that the Vario may be more rounded/less precise than SSP burrs, which made me think the Vario would be considered "high uniformity" and not "unimodal" - but I may have my definitions all mixed up...


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The Vario steel isn't as unimodal as SSP unimodal burrs that is true, but it certainly more then Ode, but it's really a relatively term when we speak of it, as no grind is in reality unimodal they don't really have the one clear peak many are more like bimodal or multimodal. In reality it's really an odd term to use.

No grind has its values that are spread evenly over the range of probabilities as would define a uniform distribution. So again a bit odd term to use.


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I see, so basically it goes ode stock > Vario steel > ode ssp in terms of progressively more "unimodal" (aka tight/consistent extraction).

I definitely want tighter grind for brew than what I am getting on my niche zero or virtuoso, but, I might fall into the camp, then, of those who complain the ssp unimodal are overly hollow and thin on body.

Vario steel might be a nice balance of dramatically upping the clarity but still retaining some more well rounded body, then.


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If you like more rounded and more pronounced mouthfeel I'm definitely not convinced a SSP burr set is the right approach for you