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Sure... grinder experience seems to be mixed across the board.

I've owned several grinders (they're not all listed below, but recently)

Vario with steel burrs in the past and it was just ok, nothing special. I probably didn't own it long enough to really test it but I didn't like the grind adjustment nor the burr alignment.
OE apex - hit or miss, certain brews were very good, but the usability for lightly roasted beans was absolutely terrible.
LIDO 2, LIDO 3, Lido ET - ET was my favorite and pretty good overall; sold it because of size

Daily driver right now is the Kinu Phoenix. Quite pleased with usability. Brews are good but not spectacular. My pour over cone of choice, is a mix of v60, wave 185, and in my opinion, the pound 4 pound dripper champion, the oxo dripper.

It's difficult to historically track my perception of grinders as my water quality is better, as are my beans. That said, on paper, the ODE with flat steel burrs should be far superior to the KINU which is really focused on espresso. I guess I'll just buy it. I have a 1jzpresso chinese hand grinder that has quite amazing grind uniformity which I can continue to use as a manual hand grinder on the go. Meanwhile, I'm not using the KINU to its strength (IMO). Similar to if I used my niche for drip/pour over, where it absolutely struggles to produce quality results.


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bas wrote:There are mixed opinions in this thread.

I am wondering if the stock Ode grinds fine enough for a 15/250 batch using normal Hario 01 filters (not the slower Cafec light roast filters) and without being super careful to avoid agitation or the need for small pulse pours to slow down the flow.

And how does it compare to a well aligned Forte/Vario with steel burrs in terms of flavour. Same taste profile or different?

I can use setting 4 and get 3- 3.5min brew with one single continuous pour on a V60 1cup so obviously not a problem. I can use allot of agitation (without clogging) and minimal (like a melodrip) and I have no issues at all.

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BTW... For those seriously considering it, you can also review the comments page on the Ode Kickstarter site for more opinions from backers/users with direct experience. Since it's such a new product and the market isn't littered with them, good reviews are hard to come by of yet.


#704: Post by nrcoffee »

For another reference point: I just received my ode from Fellow directly and SSP multipurpose burrs from Prima. They fit in perfectly. It's too late for coffee, but I made a 14g pour over in the kalita 155. I calibrated two clicks past chirping as 1. It appears that somewhere between 6 and 7 will give me a 3 minute draw down.


#705: Post by Word_salad » replying to nrcoffee »

I also just ordered a ode from fellow directly. I have SSP multipurpose that I've been using on my Mazzer SJ, and so far I have been really impressed with them for light roast espresso but more or less whelmed for brew. I think a large part of it is that the SJ's rpm is like 1600, and it is very much an espresso grinder. I'm excited to try the multipurpose burrs on the Ode.

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Here is one more that needs a summary. I apologize but I was following this thread with a lot of interest before its official release but then I lost "contact".

I do pour over with an Hario V60, at the office. I am using a Nice Zero Grinder that I had purchased for my espresso machine at home and then moved to the office.

Would "downgrading" (in $$$ terms) from the Nice to the Ode make sense? If so, what should I buy in order to get the best from this grinder (I see that there are comments about replacing the factory burrs) and keeping in mind that I am very satisfied with the V60 so I am not planning on moving to a different pour over methd ?
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#707: Post by JohnB. »

The Kickstarter Update #18 that I received this morning had some good news for backers. The new improved catch lid will be sent out free but that may not happen until June. Also the new finer grinding burrset they are developing will go out no charge for backers but no eta on that.

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#708: Post by Whitecrane »

Am I the only one who's considering this grinder as a minimal play brew grinder for my daily Bonavita Auto-Drip? Sure I'd like to learn how to make pourovers, but 99% of my coffee comes from my auto drip.

Is this grinder too rich for me? Like buying a Ferrari and going 20 mph to pick the kids up from school?


#709: Post by ytm »

I'm considering getting this for brewing with v60, instead of Lido E, do you think the quality of the grind would provide better results in a meaningful manner?

Also, I'm concerned about Hoffman's review, I'm brewing according to his technique, and I wonder if he just received an off-calibrated unit, or there's a real issue with the lower limit, and there could be a case where some beans would require me to grind finer than the Ode would allow.


#710: Post by Whitecrane »

ytm wrote:I wonder if he just received an off-calibrated unit, or there's a real issue with the lower limit, and
He undoubtedly would have recalibrated it if that were the case.