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ira wrote:I've found that the drop of water can cause a bean or two to stick to the side of the hopper, even in my Monolith, it just happens.

Ah thanks... that's good to know

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Fellow just wrote this in their Kickstarter comments: "Check out the video on the recent update for more info on the burrs.", in response to someone critical of them favouring the way coarse grind sizes (and lack of communication about it). This is referring to an update from today (Sep 15th). If a backer would like to recap the info and Fellow's perspective here, I'd love to hear it!


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To give a quick recap, due to the burr design it's not possible for it to grind any finer. The teeth on the outside of the burrs stick out farther than the inside, which they believe helps catch any grounds that aren't properly cut. He said that he's using 2 clicks over 3 for his Stagg XF pourovers and that reviewers have found a 1 setting often clogs V60s. That said, they are working on new burrs that can grind finer for those that want it, and at cost for backers.

They are also working on improving the grinds catch lid, which will also be provided at cost for backers when available.


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To expand a bit on this, they say that they are using interlocking burrs (in line with what we saw in the pics from fquijanov) that are designed to prevent longer flat pieces of coffee to make it out of the burrs. The idea is that they get cut laterally to give a more uniform grind.

It was interesting to me to hear that their discussion on the burr theory line up so well with the discussion in this thread on the similarities in taste between the Ode and poster's experience with ghost burr grinders.

Also worth noting that they are planning on selling replacement catch lids and new burr sets that may come out at "steep discounts" to backers. Time will tell what that looks like in practice.

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I see that as great news!
Nice to hear the thought that went behind it, and that the only thing preventing a finer grind are indeed the burrs, which can be replaced if needed. It's especially nice if they make a selection of above-average burrs, at decent price points. Then, us users have the ability to buy it as is, swap for another Fellow native burr set, or opt for a more expensive burr set. There are really a lot of possibilities, being 64mm.

Anyway, just wanted to say thanks so much for the recap, both of you!


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I received the 64 mm SSP Brew burrs from Prima a couple days ago and installed them in the Ode.

Overall I'm quite happy with it. Now it definitely have the range of a more typical coffee grinder and grinds look very uniform

This is the finest setting now with the SSP burrs:

And the coarsest:

I've been doing some brews and cup quality is close to my Bunnzilla with SSP burrs and IHMO better than the Comandante. Although the quality of the grinder construction and the alignment of the Ode is far from top quality grinders is good enough to produce great results with SSP burrs.

Now comparing the Stock Ode burrs with the SSP ones is like comparing regular burrs with Ghost burrs. The stock burrs have more uniformity at coarser grinds and produce a smooth cup with a lot of clarity and flavor distinction, while the SSP burrs at finer grinds produce a cup that is more sweet, with a punching acidity and more body.

Which burrs are better depends on your cup profile preference.

Here is a a link to an interactive plot that I made using Kruve sieves and Can Gencer python script to get an idea of the grinds uniformity with the SSP burrs:

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Now this is getting interesting! Are you able to pull espresso with that grind at the finest setting? Even if it'd be a slightly fast shot..


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Really good stuff. Thanks for taking the time to do this. Looks almost espresso fine with the SSPs. The steps are probably much too big to attempt that though.

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Very cool! Thanks heaps for taking the time. I've been eager to see how the burrs would work with the Ode.

Did you notice a substantial decrease in grind time? Also, any problems with the motor stalling, or the grinder becoming noticeably louder?


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Thank you for all the experimentation! Really exciting to see.

Interesting sidenote: Prima coffee's laying for the brew burrs is updated to include Fellow Ode as a compatible grinder https://prima-coffee.com/parts/ssp/ssp-b-ssp-sp