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ira wrote:I keep reading the widely differing opinions on the grinder and have to wonder whether it's differing expectations or possibly different burrs. Conceptually the burrs should all be the same, but what if there were 2 lots in one shipment or the production line has 2 different paths for the same burrs?

I just wonder what's really going on. Are my standards that much lower? Should we have everyone with a Kruve and a Ode grind a specific quantity of beans and use a specified screen choice and post our results? I have both and I'm game.

The data from my Kruve test that I posted earlier was with the Ode calibrated at 1.0 and the grind setting at 1.1. I'd love to see the results from yours for comparison.


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iBrew wrote:I made a cup at the 1.1 setting and the finer I grind the better the cup. At 1.2 I can taste the brown sugar and a slight orange taste, at setting 1.1 as the cup cools down it taste like I have an orange in my mouth, it's wet and juicy. Wow! I'm so impressed with this grinder, I haven't been able to pull off that type of flavour clarity and juiciness that it tastes like I'm eating the fruit outside of using an EK43 or an Apex. I don't know if I just got a unicorn Ode or what but I'm really impressed, this is a game changer grinder.

For reference I'm using 360ml of water, 23 grams of coffee, 204 temperature, V60 with the faster flow filters and I follow James Hoffmann V60 method.
Great to hear! Hoffman is aiming for a drawdown time of about 3:30, IIRC. Are you able to achieve that using the Ode at 1.1?

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#463: Post by iBrew » replying to jdrobison »

Yes, I've done two cups at 1.1 and one was 3:20 and the other at 3:25. One cup at 1 (the finest setting) pushed me to 3:45.


#464: Post by LordArturo »

I too have been suffering from weak extractions.
This morning I made a cup of a light roasted Honduran Catuai in a V60, 20g coffee, 300g water. Ground at the finest setting, 1.0 (after grinding 10# of old beans from work I calibrated the grinder, as per instructions), the draw down was 2:21, the TDS from my Atagio refractometer was 1.37 which is an 18.01 extraction. In spite of all of my tweaking and mucking about, this is about par for the course.

This is the grind size distribution I was brewing with, I ground a different 20g sample to see what I was working with:

Particle Size Weight Percent

>1200 1.29g 6.45%

1100 1.00g 5.00%

1000 2.16g 10.80%

900 2.50g 12.50%

800 4.25g 21.25%

700 1.78g 8.90%

600 2.18g 10.90%

500 2.76g 13.80%

400 0.79g 3.95%

<400 1.04g 5.20%

Total is 19.75g, I can only assume that the missing 0.25g went missing in Kruve Screens and falling through the cracks somehow during the sifting/sorting process.

This isn't exactly the kind coffee grinder I am excited about.

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#465: Post by ira »

jdrobison wrote:The data from my Kruve test that I posted earlier was with the Ode calibrated at 1.0 and the grind setting at 1.1. I'd love to see the results from yours for comparison.
What screens would you like me to use? I seem to have 200 to 1000.



#466: Post by Rytopa »

I have been using my Xeolo/ fuji style grinder for some time now, and based on what i have been reading it seems to share similar characteristics to the Ode; fast flow + coarser looking grinds. Try upping the water temperature, i have been adjusting my pid kettle to 100c and directly pouring once it comes to boil. The extraction rate + taste should significantly improve


#467: Post by jdrobison »

ira wrote:What screens would you like me to use? I seem to have 200 to 1000.

Use my earlier post #341 as reference. I sifted from 400 to 1000.

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#468: Post by JacquesCousteaudian »

I just received my Ode today, here in Denmark. To my knowledge this batch is the first (or among the first) to hit Scandinavia, and so I was really interested in knowing whether the grinders would suffer from QC problems like the early ones mentioned on this thread/in the Kickstarter backer comments.

Unfortunately my unit has that humming sound when in idle, which is audible from 2-4 meters away. On the plus side the hopper and bin's lids are fine and, most importantly, I was able to fit in my SSP Brew burrs in this unit, with no hassle.

My reseller has been so kind to replace my unit, and make sure my new unit fits the SSP burrs, by having me ship them with my returned unit - so that they can try to fit them in, before sending the replacement.

My question to those of you, who have succesfully made the SSP burr swap - do any of you have a unit that also has NO humming problems.. or do you just put up with it, because the SSP burrs fit and everything else seems fine?


#469: Post by Hc »

Received mine today. Can't say much yet about the grind quality, but it does have the buzzing issue.


#470: Post by airicmac »

A little update. I received my SSP brew burrs (Red Speed) that I ordered directly from SSP. They were delivered in 7 days after I placed my order (Incheon, South Korea to Atlanta, GA, USA). Both burrs fit perfectly on each carrier. I went with tetontrees recommendation putting the "TOP" burr on my rotating auger. FWIW, I have a replacement auger that the burrs also fit on. I have a KS unit that appears to be machined on the stationary carrier and cast on the rotating carrier. I calibrated my 1 to 3 clicks past chirp.

I've seen quite a few people now do SSP upgrades successfully. I'm curious why some people chose the Red Speed and others chose Silver Knight. Hansung Lee recommended the Red Knight when I asked for his input.