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heytchap wrote:I'm not sure why you'd want to have your grinder set with the smallest at touch, but that's going to give you a pretty limited working range.
On the contrary, that increases the working range as you can grind finer than recommended :wink:

I never go past 7 with mine (calibrated to touch). It's just too course, even the grinder seems to complain. If I recalibrated 5 clicks off touch that would just mean I couldn't grind as fine anymore while the new ceiling would move to 5.1 or so.


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I mean, yeah, but what use could grinds at 0.3 on your scale even be good for? I'd imagine your real usable range is 3-5 or so, so what use are you getting out of 1.2? Or 2.2?

As for me, I'll keep having the option to make cold brew.


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It can grind for the occasional espresso, allongé, "filter 2.1" and such. Of course, some caution is advised, especially with very light beans.. and retention can end up around 0.5g


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With the Ode having a floating grinding burr on a spring, I would think aligning would not matter. I assume the outer burr would tilt and oscillate to a degree under load with its spring tension, no? If it does tilt/oscillate then it seems aligning would be moot.

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It doesn't float while grinding and the float is only in and out, nothing to do with burr alignment, only to do with adjustment.


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To what torque do people tighten the burr screws?


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2-3nm // 22-28inlb


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Thanks for quick answer. I do my 80mm burrs two screws to 25 inch-pounds, so just shy of 3 Newton meters. I do each to 10, then 15 then 20 and then 25. Sounds like it will be same for this.

Face plate? probably 15 inch-pounds?


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How many clicks off chirp is it recommended for SSP MP burrs? I thought I read 5 but cannot find factory recommended settings. Note: I have a Ditting Sweet, so I plan to use my new Ode 2 w/ SSP MP for the coarser side of my pour-over. When I want high extraction, I would probably use the Ditting more and when I want lighter brighter coffee, the Ode, so I would rather calibrate the Ode for coarser range.


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Yea, it's 5 clicks coarser for Fellows recommendation and how they calibrate it. If you use 5 clicks coarser you may want to start at setting 5 for a V60 and go from there. The SSP MP burrs did take sometime to season, I'm sure you'll like it but it'll get even better once you get about 25ish lbs of coffee through it. Update us on how it compares to the Ditting you have.