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#1491: Post by heytchap »

My grinder is suddenly turning itself off again.

Hoping there's a release of the new hopper for us gen 1 plebs.


#1492: Post by Word_salad »

I think this has come up a few times in this thread but I haven't been able to find any conclusion.

I put a set of SSP MP burrs in my Ode and calibrated them so I hear chirp at setting 1. I haven't checked alignment (I not sure if you could preserve the alignment you make with the Odes floating burr carrier), but I am getting a lot of fines and very muddy brews.

At setting 8 the V60 bed is very muddy and drawdown time takes ~6 mins. The cup tastes over extracted too.

I've had these burrs in a DF64 for about a year so they are fully seasoned. Has anyone had luck with this issue?


#1493: Post by radioradio replying to Word_salad »

Wow. My Ode came with the SSP MPs. I do see some muddiness but I've not ground anything at #8. I'm down around 2, 3, 4 for medium and light roasts for a V60 brew. What brew method are you using?


#1494: Post by iBrew »

Yea 8 seems way too coarse to me. My burrs touch at 1 and for v60 I'm usually in the 5.1 - 6.2 range depending on what method I'm using or coffee (South American coffees finer, African coffees coarser) I never aligned my burrs and I get very little fines and great consistency.


#1495: Post by Jonk »

My experience pretty much mirrors iBrew's (though I'm using v1, not MP)


#1496: Post by Word_salad »

I'm using v60 as well, might be worth trying to do some alignment. Has anyone figured out a good way to do some rudimentary alignment?


#1497: Post by weinerd replying to Word_salad »

You mean other than whiteboard marker swipe and shim?


#1498: Post by heytchap »

FWIW, fellow recommends you calibrate with your new lowest setting set 5 clicks from touch. I'm not sure why you'd want to have your grinder set with the smallest at touch, but that's going to give you a pretty limited working range.

I'd also imagine that your burrs are uneven if you didn't use a torque driver to apply even force across the burrs. Even thought I've used a torque driver, the burr carriers themselves are not at super high tolerances, so alignment is still spotty from my experience. Not a knock against fellow or the Ode, it's made to a very reasonably price point for what it is.


#1499: Post by Word_salad »

I may be misunderstanding how this grinder works but I thought the alignment was controlled at least in part by how much you tighten the 4 screws holding the front plate, so if you take that off to check the alignment via the marker rub you will have different alignment when you screw it back on.


#1500: Post by weinerd replying to Word_salad »

It's like a scaled down EK43. Burr face relative alignment is based on how square the drive axle is to the stationary burr and rotary burr. My drive axle has zero wiggle and shaft play, I don't feel that any off-torque of the front plate will skew the drive axle alignment.