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#1441: Post by radioradio »

Hmm, I've had my Ode (w/ SSP burrs) for about two weeks now and I don't see what all the fuss over the catch bin lid is about. I'm not having any significant problem with it. I think it helps reduce mess because it is very close to the grind chamber exit and helps direct the grinds into the catch bin and keeps it from flying around due to static charges. I don't even do RDT. YMMV.

Is it a little messy? Yes but not to the point of frustrating me. For my workflow it seems fine. Not much worse than my hand grinder. Maybe it'll be worse in the winter when static is a bigger problem?

For context, I'm brewing V60 18g/300g. I'm really enjoying these brews. I ran 2lbs of cheap beans through it to help season the burrs in the first couple days. So far so good.


#1442: Post by staymesso »

My experience has been the same. Fairly clean overall. I do RDT and on some beans have noticed it's fairly necessary, but have never had a mess to the point of even noticing


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Following up from my question about the SSP fitment earlier, I had a good support experience with the team at Fellow - thank you to the people that monitor these threads.

Johnny O

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For those who don't find the Ode to be a messy grinder, can you share more about the type of bean roast levels you are using? Darker oily roasts generally produce less mess than lighter roasts. For reference, do you have experience using other burr grinders that you could compare against in terms of grinder cleanliness? I thought the generally consensus is that the Ode is a messy grinder, so it's interesting to hear that some people don't have an issue. I wonder why your experience is different


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Used a Virtuoso before the Ode and I personally don't feel the Ode is any more messy than the Baratza, I am also not sure why so many people are having issues. I pretty much grind light roasted Ethiopians exclusively. The other complaint I see often is beans getting stuck in the hopper which has only happened to me two or three times over hundreds of grinds (been using it daily since getting it from Kickstarter). Maybe I am just lucky or there is something about other's workflow causing issues. I will admit the knocker doesn't do much but I usually just flip the hopper lid over and tap the hopper a few times, like a bellows, to get anything stuck out.


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I don't have problems with the mess... RDT, tap cover a few times when it is done and then flip the knocker. That is all to be honest. I do not know if this can be burr dependent I have SSP burrs

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I don't find the Ode messy and I grind anywhere from Nordic light to Full City. I don't RDT either. Most of the mess happens if you pull the grinds bin immediately after grinding. I let mine sit for at least 20 seconds or so before using the knocker and use that time to prep my brew method. Sure there may be a few chaff pieces on the bin lid but you can just brush it off with a finger.
- Tim


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Johnny O wrote:Darker oily roasts generally produce less mess than lighter roasts.
In my experience it's the other way around, lighter roasts generally being less messy. But I wonder what grinder people who think the Ode is messy are comparing it with. Is it super cleanly like the Vario without scale? No. But with RDT it's among the cleanliest grinders I've used, and without it kind of depends, but it doesn't have to be bad. I don't understand the focus on an issue that can easily be fixed with a spray of water.

I didn't have any issues with the catch cup lid either.. but I stopped using it because thanks to RDT it hasn't been necessary.


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Out of curiosity, has anyone made a 3D printed or replacement load bin that is steeper and/or has a slightly larger capacity? Fellow says that it has a 80g capacity, but I can't even load 60g of beans without it overflowing from the load bin.


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I find it a tad bit more messy than the Niche but very similar than the Atom 60 I have. With RDT it cuts down the mess but once and a while you'll get grinds and chaff all over.
- Jean