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I'm getting there lol still putting mine on but contemplating it leaving it off.

Anyone find a dose cup that works with the magnet on the Ode?
- Jean

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Johnny O wrote:I would also change the gauge to go from 0 to 10 instead of 1 to 11, but that's just personal preference I guess. 1 to 11 never made sense to me, similar to US measurement systems (and I grew up here). I know I'm not the only one who is puzzled by the 1-11 scale because James Hoffman also made a point of it.
I wonder if the Ode's designer is a Spinal Tap fan, and James Hoffman never saw the movie.
- John

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With stock (i.e. non-SSP) burrs, does the Ode have a cup profile similar to most conical burr grinders, or is it still more clarity-focussed than that?

Has anyone compared stock Ode to Niche Zero, Option-O Lagom Mini, Goat Story Arco, Turin SD40, or Baratza Encore with M2 burrs?


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I found the V1 burrs on the Ode to be a huge step up compared to the Encore M2 I had at the time. The Ode stock burrs has good flavor separation, good clarity, rounded. I enjoyed the cups I got from the V1 burrs.

Johnny O

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staymesso wrote:They are not redesigning the catch lid. They tried but apparently no design really improved the issue.
Really? Ah bummer. I was really looking forward to that. Are you sure? Post # 1271 at the top of page # 128 of this thread captured Fellows' announcement which had these comments:
flexyrhead wrote: [excerpt of Fellows' March 14,2022 announcement on Kickstarter]...

Quick Catch Lid Update

We have a final prototype and tooling was released to our manufacturing partner! The new catch lid design helps with containing the grinds and the pull in of the magnets still work as intended. This is a large improvement over the previous one that was designed to help address this issue. Like we've said in previous updates, our plan is still to ship the new burrs with the updated catch in the same package to you-free of charge!

Team Fellow
It sounded like a done deal so I thought it was good to go.


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Frankly they should never have designed it with lid, I tossed mine in the cupboard after few weeks as I don't want that to be part of any routine it's a faff and seem like an after thought


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I am not sure if this has been mentioned already but Fellow have updated the auger design that comes with the ode. I was a kickstarter backer that started having issues with my OG unit and Fellow replaced it with a new one (shout out to them for the amazing customer service). I took it apart this evening in preparation to put in my V2 burrs arriving this week and immediately noticed the auger was different than my original one. It has a "1" on it and has a raised face that captures the bearing instead of pressing against it. I might have missed it but did Fellow say anything about the change?

Here is the original form the fellow website


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This was a post launch update. The new auger sits inside a ring inside the dial plate to help with alignment when placing the front dial on the unit after disassembly.



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Is there any issue with alignment after running SSP burrs for say 5kg?

To be clear, I have never aligned using a marker method or foil. Just screwed in, adjusted 5 clicks off chirp, and then run.

I am asking if after 5kg or so, anything needs to be done, or if the burrs may drift or be in need of alignment after running so much?