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I hope the release is imminent. The wait has been long.


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There is a kickstarter update from yesterday about the new burrs. Gen 2. I am not a backer so I can't see it. Can anyone repost?


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There is a specific thread on the Gen 2 burrs that I posted what they said and pics in:

Fellow Ode V2.0 burrs almost here


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KindCoffeeOnline wrote:So I contacted the website I'm looking at buying from (alternativebrewing) and asked for them to clarify if the white model comes with the v2 burrs, and to my surprise the response was yes, I even asked definitely not 1.1 but 2 and was told yes V2, but now I'm not even sure if it is the v2 burrs or they are just mixed up themself.
So i contacted these guys also (i assume you're in Australia just like me), and back in April, this is what they said:
Please be advised that the current grinders in circulation within the Australian market are still the original burrs. We anticipate that the new stock will be implementing the V2 burrs when the arrival of the white Ode reach us in May/June this year.
So i think you're right in that they were confused themselves, since what Fellow call the V2 burrs won't be releasing until American Fall. Unforts, since it took Australia until June to get the v1.1, i wouldn't hold your breath that we'd get the V2 straight away. Plus all the local suppliers would need to sell out their only-just-arrived v1.1 stock.


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If I don't let the motor overheat and take my time, how hard is it on the ode to run 15kg of beans through it (blown roasts or stale beans from local roasters)? Want to season my SSP CV burrs but don't want to use up a huge chunk of my motors life span, either!


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On mine, grinding 11 samples of 12g back to back for cupping seemed to change the pitch. Very light roasts admittedly.

I'd probably grind one hopper (~70g) a time with decent breaks in between. Dark roasts should be easier on the grinder, and you'll probably notice if you're going too fast.


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I mean just do it in chunks, there's no rush and it's not like the coffee will be bad. I do a bout 15lb in 5lb parts resting 1lb apart. Wasn't that hard and the motor wasn't struggling. This was with the SSP MP.
- Jean


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Gotcha. Outside of making sure to not overheat the motor, done properly, how much longevity does this shave off the motor? What is the motor rated for under normal use in terms of hours/kgs? Just wondering if, for example, the motor has a lifespan of 100kg total under normal operation and I'm using up a big chunk of that just on seasoning? Or non issue?


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Also, to clarify, are 90 second breaks long enough?

And what grind setting should I use? Don't want to go too coarse as to be ineffective, or too fine and risk straining the motor too much.


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I'd run your first 5lb at a relatively coarse setting. You'll want to get down to fine eventually. So do them in stages, coarse, medium then fine.
- Jean