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Has anyone found a magnetic catch cup that is 58mm? That would fit around a portafilter?


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I use my v1.1 burrs for down to 12/14 gram v60s. Yes the burrs are close to chirp.
Anything above those small doses will be just fine.

I've made great tasting brews with smaller doses as well as 1 liter brews in my Moccamaster (mixing immersion / percolation. And getting some very tasty high extraction brews)
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j_bravo14 wrote:Has anyone found a magnetic catch cup that is 58mm? That would fit around a portafilter?
Here's a solution that's been working well for me:

I have a bunch of 58mm tampers left over from my e61 days so i repurpose them for other uses. In this case they're magnetic pedestals that keep my blind tumbler or acaia dosing cup in place.


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Did you mount the cups on the tamper bases? Or you just rest them on top?


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You just rest them on top. I put the tumbler or cup in with one hand and then slide the tamper base in under it. The magnet in the base gets the base in centered. With the blind tumbler it fits the large lip on the exit chute perfectly so absolutely no movement while grinding. With the dosing cup it does slide around a bit but the protruding chute keeps the cup from sliding off the base.


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Anyone has a clue what the chute attachment is on this video? Is it to keep the machine from spraying grounds outside the cup?


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Using the Craig Lynn espresso funnel stayed in place under the chute and made pouring so much easier compared to the stock ode cup!


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Was swapping out my V1.1 burrs for new SSP MP burrs and noticed these scratches on the v1.1 burrs. I've only run about 2lbs of medium roast coffee through these so far. Is this normal wear and tear?

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They look like machining marks, which are usual for all but the very first Kickstarter run of Fellow burrsets. Don't suppose you got any photos prior to using the machine? Suspect they would look identical.
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Glad to know! Didn't seem like I was grinding anything super hard, so happy to know it wasn't the beans :lol: