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Lancehedrick wrote:Hansung is sending me the cast copies soon to taste test for him. Will likely do a video on them.
Please do! Perhaps you could reach out to Option-O for a comparison with their cast vs. SSP's machined version? (if the rumors are true)


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Has anyone actually heard about an Ode breaking due to being used for espresso or is that just conjecture?

I just pulled my first shots using the SSP brew (unimodal v1) burrs. The first dose had about a gram of retention perhaps permanently filling some voids, or it was exchanged into the second dose that only lost 0,1g. Perhaps more than 1% RDT would help.

I calibrated so that the finest setting was one step above touch and alignment is good enough that I'd be able to pull ristretto if I skipped pre-infusion, but not choke the shot (could be due to large steps though). This was with a Nordic roast and the Ode didn't really seem to struggle - but it shaked/jumped to the side a couple of times. Quite fast at aroung 2g/s.

I think the espresso with these burrs are even better than pour over results, so I might be inclined to risk using it like this every now and then.


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We can't guarantee motor life under these conditions. If a user wants to do this, it's at their own risk.



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nicholasnumbers wrote:We can't guarantee motor life under these conditions. If a user wants to do this, it's at their own risk.
Could you please clarify your relation to Fellow?

Team HB

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How are they supposed to know? If you return it for warranty you'll put the stock burrs back and they'll never know. It seems like a PR mistake to have said what he did. If the number of returns start to go way up, then they'll worry about it. Unless of course they do something like store average torque load in EEPROM so they can tell you abused it.



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I highly doubt you'll burn out the motor in the short 1 year warranty window, if you're pulling shots on it regularly, you'll likely burn out the motor after the warranty window. If you use as it as a brew grinder maybe you get 3-5 years out of it, if you're pulling shots on it maybe that's 1.5-3 years.


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nicholasnumbers wrote:We can't guarantee motor life under these conditions. If a user wants to do this, it's at their own risk.

They would actually find it hard to get out of it in europe because of the reclamation rights, especially as they more then gladly themselves, sell, instruct of how to replace and exchange burrs themselves.. So they are bound on replacing grinder within the first two years whether they like it or not.

Writing it cannot be used for espresso is not even enough people will from similar cases still be covered, because that is in reality how strict the reclamation right is in europe.

I use mine for espresso currently on a daily basis as I'm in the process of finding a new one, but I'm waiting to see progress of a few before deciding. I used it like that for more then 6 months now and seen no indication of problems but then if it burns out after two years It would not be an issue as I don't plan to keep it much longer then that anyway. My plan is to get it replaced sometime this year, as I honestly don't love the grinder as it's too much a faff.


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Jonk wrote:Could you please clarify your relation to Fellow?
I'm head of all engineering, product development, and R&D. Official title is VP of Hardware and R&D.

Full disclosure, I run the teams responsible for all of the products that Fellow develops, and do a lot of concepting and design work myself.



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Would (SSP High uniformity) works for brewing ?


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does anyone know why SSP burrs are sold our everywhere? are there new burrs coming? the only upgrade option i can see if for the gorilla gears which is not end of April delivery (and $270)? i cannot seem to find the ssp available anywhere to ship to the USA.