Feather key for 83mm Mazzer burrs used on WW key grinder

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I may be violating the cross posting rule, but I had little success getting a response for my previous request. I have a new weber Works key grinder. I have lost the woodruff key that sets the Mazzer 83mm inner burr to the grinder shaft. I have searched high and low on the internet seeking this part with no success. taking a shot in the dark here hoping someone could help me locate that tiny part?

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If you have a calipers, one of these 2 pages will probably lead you to finding a suitable key. If you can measure the width of the slot there's likely only a couple of possible choices. Also measure the total depth of the 2 slots and that gets the height. It's almost certainly a stock size.


https://www.huyett.com/search?searchtex ... e=allwords


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Thanks Ira. Great advise.

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Just incase anyone else is as careless as myself, and loses the feather key

The size is 3x3x20mm available from McMaster-Carr
Pt #1018-1045 Carbon Steel

3x3x16mm will also work ok.