Faema MPN parts?

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Postby cal » Jul 09, 2008, 10:19 pm

Hi All,
I just got my hands on a Faema MPN grinder and I'm trying to find some parts to rehab it. I spent some time tonight looking, but the "usual suspects" on Google don't seem to carry much other than burrs and such for this grinder. Can anybody point me to a good source for parts?? Thanks!!

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Postby Paul » Jul 10, 2008, 8:16 pm

what are you looking for in particular?

vanelis sell nuova ricambi parts in the usa. NR have listings for mpn bits. I'll try and find you a link . . . . . . .


if you can't find the part numbers from vanelis pics, look here:


The item codes both companies use are the NR ones, so both are same. I buy from coffeeparts.com frequently and would recommend them if not for your location.

Also: The MPN is still in production. i have bought parts for mine in the past direct from my faema distributor (though they were expensive). I have no idea who the usa disty is.


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Postby cal » Jul 11, 2008, 7:46 am

Thanks Paul!! Interesting that the machine being still in production, yet parts seem so difficult to find. (other than the obligatory burrs and such) I'm looking for a gasket for the upper part of the "surround", and a main switch, to start. I thoroughly cleaned the machine and it seems o.k., but it wont start/spin. The main switch "cover" is gone, and I may need the automatic/doser switch and/or the switch at the base of the hopper if a new main switch doesn't bring it to life. :x

I also looked up Faema.com and come to find out they have a service network location about 70 miles from me. I may have to take it for a ride... ;^)

Thanks again!!

Grand Rapids, MI

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Postby espressme » Jul 26, 2008, 1:17 pm

The doser switch needs to be in the forward(at the switch) position. or, the flapper must be to the back of the doser. Otherwise the machine will not operate. Also the hopper must be in place before it will run. Interlocked it is:edit Interlock cheat:here

The gasket material can be obtained through Wag-Aero. Phone with the dimensions to 262-763-9586
It costs about $1.40 a foot. And they do have a minimum. If you can't get it or it is a hassle, PM me and I have enough extra to share at that price + postage.
While you have it apart would be a good time to mod the doser top to ease cleaning: Here
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Postby ebsteve » Aug 05, 2008, 9:14 pm

Didn't like the auto fill on my MPN so I bypassed it - very easy. The hopper removal kill switch would be quite easy to bypass as well I believe. The doser setup is Crazy on this beast - so I tend to think a doserless mod would be the best bet for this grinder, but doubt I will mess with that personally. My major gets all my love now :D

Cal - I'm relatively close, so if you don't/didn't end up bringing it to Paramount, then I'd be happy to play with it sometime with you. Lemme know. Oh, did you snag this off of craigslist? I think I saw one on there not too long ago...
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