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randyh wrote:I appreciate Kinu's fool proof ready out of the box nature. I'm not one to enjoy tinkering especially when it comes to alignment because I would always wonder if I've got it right or not, and especially when you are paying a pretty high price for a manual grinder.
I also thought about burr replacement down the road. I'm hoping that once Kinu is established they will make already preshaped replacement burrs available to purchase in which case I would go ahead and buy a spare set since I don't think the burr set would be that expensive. I'm pretty sure all the burrs are shaped the same way to fit exactly the stainless steel tubes which are CNC milled to be the same. I highly doubt the burrs are filed one at a time to fit each tube because the labor involved would be so costly they wouldn't be able to survive. Even if I'm not able to get a spare burr set, 10 years of perfect use would be well worth the cost of the grinder.
Since Kinu is designed and made by a grinder company who has been in business for decades it is pretty safe to assume that they have the infrastructure in place to handle replacement parts such as burr sets. On top of that, they are very responsive to questions. I chose the m47 over the Helor for a few reasons, but one of them is that the design/production/delivery stream is all in one place in Germany. I don't have a problem with Helor being made in China, but I like that Kinu is actually made by the people who designed it.

So, if you want a spare burr set I would guess that you could send them an email to find out what it would cost. I'd be curious about the price.

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I wonder if any here with a M47 considered the M38. I went with the latter primarily bacause its for travel and I couldn't determine any clear significant advantage to the M47. And then there's the fact that many other grinders well thought of are using the 38mm set.


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I have an M47 on order. I didn't consider the M38 since portability isn't a consideration for me; I didn't see any advantages of the M38, besides it's smaller size and price. I would be interested in hearing more about it, since most of of the user accounts have come from the M47 and M68.
The M38 seems a better comparison to the Helor 101 (rather than the M47).


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Since the op is asking about Helor 101s and M47s. I would suggest starting a new thread and ask something like how come there's no discussion about the Kinu M38 ?

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Fair enough. I had considered the Helor and Feldgrind/Hausgrind as well as the M47 for some time and went with the M38 (in shipping currently). It seemed relevant given that those considering an M47 over the M38 might feel it has an advantage (since it seems the M38 is perhaps more aligned with the Helor 101).


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I compared the M38 and M47 briefly here:

Kinu M38

Beware I have the M47 v1. The current version of the M47 stands a fair bit more stable (more weight at the bottom because of heavier container and half an inch shorter), has an improved grind dialing mechanism and a screwed on container. Not sure if the M38 got the same improvements. In my opinion Kinu is incredibly fast in improving their products based on customer feedback. So could well be.


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I got a chance to use the m47 for a while and I'll agree with the above that it's the best grinder I've used overall. I only used it for brew, but found that the grind was a touch more consistent (probably splitting hairs here), I like the grind adjust mechanism way more, and the catch cup is better with the thread (only takes a turn or two to take off which is also a nice touch). It's a pretty substantial grinder coming from the Helor though, much much heavier. I didn't notice a difference in grind time or difficulty between the two, but the Helor feels more nimble because it's lighter and smaller. Both are much quieter than a Lido. The catch cup on the m47 is pretty small and I think I could get more out of the Helor without reloading, but both are more than enough for what I'll ever grind as a solo coffee drinker.

I still think the Helor is a great grinder, and I think it would make for a better travel handgrinder being lighter and smaller. I actually took the m47 camping and was wishing I had chosen the Helor instead (that thing gets COLD in these Idaho mornings!)

Overall if I had to choose one I'd get the m47, but if you really travel a lot the Helor is hard to beat.