Eureka Specialita low output

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#1: Post by exzos »


Got a brand new specialita but it's taking very long time to grind 18g of coffee.
It's dialed in to do 1:2 in around 30 sec. But grinding takes 20 seconds. I see most other are at 10-12 sec.

Very frustrated about this. Anyone Got experience with this?



#2: Post by Westchester »

You're right, that seems about double the time it takes me to grind 18 grams. Assuming you've dialed the grind size setting in appropriately for the beans and your machine (I'm in the "1" range but it's a bit of an arbitrary number as it depends on age of beans, light v dark, etc, etc.), the only thing I can think of is that your hopper may not have enough beans in it to provide weight to push them into the burrs consistently. Are you getting popcorning and are you trying to single dose?

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#3: Post by kcstueber »


I've also gotten a Specialita recently. I am using decaf, which requires a finer setting. For reference, I move approximately 2 full numbers between decaf and regular. For my decaf 18g/40g I set the timer at 22 sec., which finishes the 18g dose. When I move to regular espresso, it finishes grinding about 3-4 sec. earlier. I hope this helps.

I am using the grinder in a single dose workflow. I know there is some retention, but I deal with that, and verify my weight output on scale.



#4: Post by mRTn »

I have exactly the same problem and I actually returned the first grinder I received for this reason. The new one now also takes around 18-20 s to grind an 18g dose of coffee. Maybe there is a problem with their most recent grinders. I have written to Eureka customer support regarding this issue and will update when/if I hear back from them.

Also, I seem to get a very wet puck most of the times using the Eureka grinder; I did not have the same problem with my Graef CM 800.


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#5: Post by kcstueber » replying to mRTn »

Hi Martin,

I am using a La Spaziale Vivaldi II which has the 53mm PF, so it's pretty common to have a bit of wetness on top, so I can't comment on how that looks on a 58mm PF. I'm pretty happy with the grind quality, and if not for reading that others are seeing much quicker grinding, I wouldn't know if its an issue or not. As you are on your second one, and it's consistent, I would have to think that the only change that would double the time would be a different design burr set. My comparison with grind and shot quality to my previous, over 12 year old, La Cimbali Junior Max Hybrid is finding the Specialita a significant improvement in puck dryness, grind consistency, and taste, so I'm a pretty happy camper. I'm still trying to snag a Niche Zero to see if all the hype is deserved, especially compared to the Specialita. I have tried a Sette 270Wi which I loved, but I felt strongly about the weighing technology being overpriced compared to quality of the rest of the grinder. I felt the grind was a bit fluffier and less clumpy than the Specialita. For me, I was very pleased with consistency of bean weight in/out on both these grinders.



#6: Post by K7 »

kcstueber wrote: As you are on your second one, and it's consistent, I would have to think that the only change that would double the time would be a different design burr set.
Lower RPM is another possibility. But how a unit can be inflicted with low rpm, I am not sure but some internal misconfiguration of the motor (e.g. 110V vs 220V) could explain. I see two affected owners above are both in Europe.