Eureka Specialita grind settings

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Is anyone using this grinder for espresso and pourover/french press? I couldn't find anything in the search and cannot reply to an old thread.

For those who own this grinder, what grind settings are you using for french press and pourover in reference to your espresso setting? I am looking for approximately how many numbers on the dial away from espresso grit for each of the above, not that you have a separate grinder. I don't care about bean waste or purging either.

Thanks guys.


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On mine I hear the burrs "chirp" at 5. I would do 3 full rotations for pourover depending on the dose and up to 4 full rotations for French press. for anothe reference search for "wired gourmet specialita" there is a video where he has a reference chart for his settings

meshkaffe (original poster)

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Appreciate the info KP, I will check that out.

I always grinded supermarket beans in their bunn and simply put to fp mode. I wanted to get an idea so I wouldn't be faffing around too much and as luck would have it my zero actually corresponds to zero on my dial. I've never had this sort of luck before.

I know hoff recommended grinding a bit finer than usual for p/o but I've yet to experiment. Thanks again.