Eureka Oro XL clogging

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I was digging my Oro XL until it locked up, I took it apart, and found the entire chute clogged with grounds. Looks like this is a common problem with Mignon-type grinders, with many removing the clump crusher or using bellows. I cleaned it up and hope this instance was a result of user error while I was dialing in and playing around.

It looks like it's normal for a clump of grounds to be retained behind the clump crusher, guess I'll just keep a closer eye on it for now. Never had a single issue like this in years with my Macap M4.

salmotrutta (original poster)

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It just clogged again... I'm having trouble grinding fine enough to get pressure up to 8 bar. Never in nearly a decade of owning my Macap did I choke or clog the grinder. I'm really unhappy and ready to sell this thing and move on.