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Grinders are one of the keys to exceptional espresso. Discuss them here.
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#11: Post by Jeff »

I think that's a fair statement.

At least right now, it seems that the better a grinder tends to be for some people's interpretation of light-roast espresso, the poorer a job it does for classic espresso. There are many in the middle somewhere, but once you're off on either end, there are some significant things that you give up on the other end. Whether you can taste the difference with your coffees, water, other equipment, experience, and palate and, even if you can. if it matters to you is an entirely different question.

If you don't like light-roast espresso, it's all an academic argument. Sit back, watch the cage match with some popcorn.


#12: Post by bonjing » replying to Jeff »

So for those that like the broad spectrum of coffees, there is going to be some compromise in the grinders, if choosing one?

And apologies to the op for a derailment of his thread.

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#13: Post by Jeff »

For those spending well over $1,000 on a grinder, there are a few options. You can't tell and are blissfully unaware. Don't drink the "other" roast level or, if you do, accept the faults. Buy a second grinder for the other style. (That's a seemingly common option for drip vs. espresso.)


#14: Post by Oskuk »

When Niche came, it was like 500euros grinder, and the word was: as good as 1000euros machine!
Now, when European buys it, when actually in hands, it costs over 800euros, and you were comparing it to 75mm and 1000euros Eureka. We are close ;-)