Eureka Mignon XL Major Issue Single Dosing

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#1: Post by Raglo »

My brand new XL (one day old) already has a huge build up of grounds in the outer chamber. The air bursts due to bellows have clearly sprayed coffee everywhere. Can anyone tell me if there's a way to avoid this. I thought the issue only affected the atom but that's clearly not the case here. I'm super disappointed. I looked at the images in this thread (Eureka Mignon Specialita Single Dosing Modification) and figured the XL would behave similarly. Any help would be very appreciated.

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#2: Post by ira »

That indicates a gap between parts that's letting coffee escape from the grind path, is it possible there is a missing gasket? Can you tell where it's coming from?



#3: Post by K7 »

First of all, make sure you have a rubber gasket like this that goes over the top plate hole (both images below are from the Specialita link in the OP):

Assuming you have it, it may not be making good contact with the plate because of the screw ends protruding from the plate. My Specialita and Dak's in the link both have three screw ends sitting slightly below the surface so the gasket seals the opening pretty well. Maybe you can fix it by replacing the screws with slightly shorter ones? But I'm not 100% sure if it's safe to do so; proceed at your own risk! :)
Puffing with the bellows made it more obvious but it shouldn't have a gap to leak ground coffee like that. Hopefully other XL owners can chime in with what they see on theirs. If the factory installed a wrong set of screws on yours, you should be able to get a replacement set, I would think.

For a while I also had a similar problem albeit to a lesser extent, but it was due to the pvc not firmly inserted to press down the gasket against the top plate. No leaks since I recognized the issue and made sure the gasket sits tight.

Also, be sure to open the bottom also and clean out the remaining coffee from the circuitry area.
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Raglo (original poster)

#4: Post by Raglo (original poster) »

Thanks for the replies. Yes the screws do in fact stick out of the metal plate so I'm guessing this compromises the seal to a certain extent. I'm not comfortable changing them to shorter ones so not sure what to do at this point. Also is there a video of how to properly disassembled the grinder to access and clean the circuit board.

Raglo (original poster)

#5: Post by Raglo (original poster) »

Would opening the base plate on the XL void warranty?


#6: Post by K7 »

I don't see why it would.

If the screw replacement is not desirable, perhaps you can make small and shallow cutouts on the gasket for the screws to go in. That should probably do it.


#7: Post by lawnsandlattes »

Having the same issue on my XL, though much worse because I've been using bellows for about a week. Did you figure this out OP?

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#8: Post by lawnsandlattes »

Here's an image where you can clearly see the spray of grinds directly in line with the screws that protrude. I THINK I'm comfortable replacing these screws with shorter ones, as I can't see why having them protrude would offer any additional holding power. I may reach out to Seattle Coffee Gear, though, to see if there are any options they can think of that wouldn't void warranty.


#9: Post by Castillo2001 »

I am not single dosing so it is not as evident on my machine but I did see a fair bit of grounds leaking around and I do see my screws that hold the upper burr on are also slightly above the plate. Interested to see if you guys switch out the screws or get any word from vendors about replacement screws


#10: Post by pechenie »

Hey everyone.

I was really into this grinder and even was thinking about buying it instead of waiting for SD to be released but these pictures are shocking. I wonder if this is a rare or common manufacturing defect (because it does look like a defect). It shouldn't matter if you use bellows or not, the chamber must be sealed otherwise you're going to get leaked coffee all around the place anyways.

Can other XL owners check if they've got "clean" or "dirty" internals on their XLs, doesn't matter if you single dose or not?