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I don't single dose, but I have the same issue. Coffee grounds end up accumulating on top of the upper burr carrier. They are coming under the gasket because the screws are not flush with the burr carrier and therefore prevent the gasket from resting on the burr carrier. If you look at the gasket, you can see where the screws are pressing against the gasket.


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I've contacted Eureka with that question and received the following answer:
it's a pleasure to be in touch with you!

We are aware of the inconvenience: unfortunately we have experienced that a specific batch of wrong screws affected the performance of the coffee grinders on which they were mounted.
This involved a limited number of models, affected by an error that does not concern the assembly standard of the coffee grinder.

The situation was promptly resolved: I therefore do not think it is a topic that should worry you in your decision.

At your disposal for any further questions....all the best!
Looks like they've noticed and resolved that and newly built grinders won't have that issue. I think it makes sense to contact them or your dealer to figure out what to do for those of you guys who are affected.

At the same time, I am not really sure if I want to take a gamble and buy one without actually knowing if it's defective or not...

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You might have 8mm screws and supposedly 7mm are the correct size. On the Facebook Eureka group someone posted these are correct size. ... 4328961211

I have owned the XL for a month and the screws are not below the plate as on the Specialita but neither do they come out as much as I have seen on other photos. Its possible I have the 7mm.

I haven't tried a flexible bellows yet but here is what I saw when I took the cover off to check. Maybe that is just the grounds falling on the top plate when taking it off. Seems the best setup would be as in the Specialita with the screws below the plate. I have not heard of an official fix from Eureka for those units affected.


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Opened up my XL to check. Appears to have the same "issue" with the screws being too long. There were some grounds (after 4 months of daily use). Not too worried though. For Single Dosing it might be an issue where I can imagine it becomes quite a mess if you're using a blow top.

Did put some tape between the screws to make a better seal with the rubber that holds the hopper. Can check in a few weeks if it helped.

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My XL is about a month old and has had a little over 5lbs of beans run through it. It has only been used as a single doser and the original hopper is still in it's packing. Today, I opened it up and cleaned it. I pulled 2.7 gm out of it and that's after grinding about 2,400 grams. Most of the fines were found in the chute.

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So I reached out to the vendor I bought mine from,, and they are sending me out new screws to replace the incorrect ones. For those of us who received one of the batch that has the wrong screws I suggest reaching out to the vendor and see if they will send replacements.


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The correct size 7mm screws do not completely solve the issue for the grinds being blown into the chamber of the XL as even these shorter screws prevent a complete tight seal. This looks like the answer with the 7mm screws; the rubber gasket from the Oro single dose model with the indentations for the screws. See from this thread. I am hoping this part will fit the XL and will be available to purchase after the single dose grinder is available for purchase.

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