Eureka Mignon XL finally available (at least in EU)

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The popular Eureka Mignon grinder series now has a higher end model Mignon XL "Oro" with "diamond inside" 65mm flat burrs.

Italian retailer ECS shows it available for preorder with shipping by next week. Their price seems to include a tamping mat kit. Hopefully other retailers will also start offering this grinder very soon.

Compared other recent Mignons, it's taller by 3cm but has the same footprint.

Looking forward to user reviews!


#2: Post by bas »

Very promising grinder. I like the regular Specialita a lot.

Are these new burrs having the same traditional profile? If so I doubt if there will be a big difference in taste.

Would be interesting if these new burrs were having a more unimodal design. Or one could choose.

Perhaps SSP burrs will fit too?

K7 (original poster)

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Here's the look of the new burrs they posted on IG recently. It looks similar to my 55mm Specialita burr, but I know next to nothing about burr designs. :D

I think they might be able to really shake up the sub-1000USD market if they officially release a single dosing version of this. Yes, it's fairly easy to mod the Mignons yourself (I suspect it's true for the XL as well) but I bet the majority of prospective buyers are not aware of it or don't want to mess around with the DIY hassle. In that regard, I found this IG post interesting. Maybe they have something cooking? Hard to tell. It could be just a low-level staff playing around on IG.


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I noticed that they mention something about IoT capabilities. Any idea what that's about?


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K7 wrote:
I think they might be able to really shake up the sub-1000USD market if they officially release a single dosing version of this.\
Those plastic hoppers have to be pretty darn cheap in the scheme of things. I'm surprised we don't see more if not all on demand minimal retention grinders come with both a normal and a single dosing hopper. Maybe even add a feature to the single doser with a small hole at the top that is meant for attaching a bellows to clear the chute.


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I've got one on order, and will maybe have it this week... it'll be my first espresso grinder so I'm not sure I'll be a very helpful reviewer, but we'll see :D


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Exactly on the same situation!


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I've been thinking about the XL, but also wondering if I should just get the Specialita???

Noticed has new stock of the Eureka Mignon Specialita 110v versions today. I'm in the US... and my VISA credit card was declined. Anyone else have issues... or advice for ordering?
Thanks in advance!

K7 (original poster)

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I saw a few people having the same credit card issue due to their overseas anti-fraud mechanism kicking in. Contact your CC and let them know and you should be good to go.

Specialita vs XL seems to be a tough call. And it's not clear when the XL will be available in 110v, regardless of the seller.


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I plugged in my new Eureka Specialista today and the burrs jammed after grinding 40g of coffee beans. Flawed burr grinder design for it to fail so readily. Also no support in the USA from Eureka. I should know better than to buy the latest and greatest before owners have been able to report their long term experience with the machine and with customer support. My $680 Specialista in terms of reliable performance is inferior to the Baratza Encore that I paid $140 for in 2012.