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#21: Post by SandraF »

Not exactly the grinder you asked about, but Seattle Coffee Gear has the new Eureka Atom Pro grinder. Supposed to be designed for single dosing. Has one of those bellows type hoppers, newly designed 75mm burrs, a fan to keep the motor cool, and a very nifty magnetic portafilter holder. It is step,ess, but the dial only makes one, 360 degree revolution - from espresso to French press or pour over.

Might be of interest to you.


#22: Post by Balerjoe »

I can't wait to give it a try.

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#23: Post by Sorent »

I solved the on/off annoyance by connecting the grinder to my Ikea Trådfri outlet that all ready operates my espresso machine


#24: Post by BitCollector »

@ Sorent
You are right! That's a very good idea! I just plugged it into the wi-fi outlet.

An update to my previous post. I got some fresh quality beans. The grind remains fluffy. I don't single dose so i can't comment on this topic, but the weight of ground coffee for a given time is very consistent.

A note about the mat. I don't if is on purpose but the loose grounds are sticking on the mat. The only way to remove them is to wash the mat. It works as a ground coffee magnet (which is kind of a nice feature) but it has a messy, dirty look.