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Not exactly the grinder you asked about, but Seattle Coffee Gear has the new Eureka Atom Pro grinder. Supposed to be designed for single dosing. Has one of those bellows type hoppers, newly designed 75mm burrs, a fan to keep the motor cool, and a very nifty magnetic portafilter holder. It is step,ess, but the dial only makes one, 360 degree revolution - from espresso to French press or pour over.

Might be of interest to you.


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I can't wait to give it a try.


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I solved the on/off annoyance by connecting the grinder to my Ikea Trådfri outlet that all ready operates my espresso machine


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@ Sorent
You are right! That's a very good idea! I just plugged it into the wi-fi outlet.

An update to my previous post. I got some fresh quality beans. The grind remains fluffy. I don't single dose so i can't comment on this topic, but the weight of ground coffee for a given time is very consistent.

A note about the mat. I don't if is on purpose but the loose grounds are sticking on the mat. The only way to remove them is to wash the mat. It works as a ground coffee magnet (which is kind of a nice feature) but it has a messy, dirty look.


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Would love to read more thoughts/impressions from the owners here. Currently on the fence between the Atom 75 and Mignon XL. I'd be using it for 2-3 shots most days, but more back-to-back when entertaining. Leaving the Niche behind to go to a hopper, though I still want the flexibility to single-dose when I can. Since the XL is in Eureka's new Oro line with whatever new "low retention tech" they've added. Really curious if it's much different from the Atom or OG Specialita when it comes to retention.


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AkshayRao27 wrote:I noticed that they mention something about IoT capabilities. Any idea what that's about?
So now that they're out, and I have one. I can confirm there are no IoT capabilities. I reached out to Eureka to confirm. The IoT capabilities mentioned are intended to be features of the commercial grinders in the Oro line.


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I have been using my XL for a few weeks now (received quickly from ECS earlier this month) and absolutely love it. I sold my Niche to go with this planning to grind-on-demand, but honestly, I've been really surprised by its single-dosing capabilities. With the default hopper and no bellows, I consistnetly get 0.1 gram of retention. It's rarely 0.2g or higher and sometimes even less than 0.1g. Granted, I don't know how much exchange is happening, but I'm pleased with the retention. Re: exchange, I haven't done any official tests, but knocking the grinder on the counter, tapping its side, and running the grinder empty doesn't even loose 0.1g. So I'm assuming there's little exchange because there's so little remaining even after there's time for it to settle. I'm consistently grinding 18g doses in 6 seconds or less (a littel more when SD'ing because of slight popcorning). Overall super pleased, and no regrets selling my Niche for it.


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Does anyone know if the XL can be upgraded with SSP burrs? I've read that 64mm SSPs work in other Eureka 65mm grinders like the Zenith, but can't find any concrete info on the XL (since it's new), or others like the Atom.

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BitCollector wrote:I just got mine today.
My only reference for comparison is the Rocky. So, XL is quiet, fast, easy to use and adjust! The grind is clump free and fluffy. The only coffee I had available was some old supermarket grade beans so I can't really comment on taste.

I've seen a video with comments on the quality of the hopper plastic and the (loose) way the lid fits on the hopper. Mine sits tightly, no noises or rattling. I have to agree with Sorent about the on/off button. The thick protective plastic is a good idea, but makes it a bit tricky to operate.
The only flaw so far is that the hopper tab doesn't completely close the opening to the burrs chamber. It feels like the tab is a bit wider or the slot too narrow. It didn't force too much because I didn't want to risk a crack. The gap is very small. I doubt a bean could get through, in case i ever use it, but anyway is something worth mentioning on the build quality. Not a perfect fit.
The specialita has the same problems. I've heard of hopper issues too with the specialita and where the hopper is cheap I have no rattling/noise problems. It fits in a rubber gasket snugly and I'm not sure if early models had that gasket, the lid fits great with no movment. The stopper is a piece of plastic that doesn't doesn't quite fit all the way but like you have observed beans don't pass through so it's not a problem. The specialita is the quietest machines I've ever used, when empty you can hardly tell it's on. It sits next to my Vario at pretty much the exact same height but the vario is quite noisy (and a very different grinder). I've had my eye on the XL but it probably won't be available where I am for a bit of time but the 65mm burrs will probably make it run faster. I actually just picked up the specalita and I'm testing it for larger use where I may buy more. Size mattered and the specalita was a nice compact size but the XL is still a small grinder that I would have no problems getting.

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So it looks like Eureka will indeed release a "single dose" version of the XL. Not just a new hopper but also a whole new chassis that leans forward! And perhaps a matching scale to go with?

German site kaffee-netz has some images taken at a recent trade show.

Today Eureka IG also posted a teaser video about it (I think it's the same but not 100% sure). It says "..will come in the very next weeks..."