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Calsun wrote:I plugged in my new Eureka Specialista today and the burrs jammed after grinding 40g of coffee beans. Flawed burr grinder design for it to fail so readily. Also no support in the USA from Eureka. I should know better than to buy the latest and greatest before owners have been able to report their long term experience with the machine and with customer support.
People have had the Mignon Specialita, including myself, for over 2 years. It's not new, the XL is the new model.

Just coarsen up the grind adjustment, empty the hopper, and run it again. You can't make big grind adjustments with a full hopper without the motor running. It's not a flaw of the grinder. Flat burrs require a lot of initial torque to get the grinds going and if you make a big adjustment towards the finer end, you cram full beans into the burrs and jam them. This is particularly a problem with light roast beans since they're harder and denser.


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Anyone tried the Mignon XL and has somme feedback ?


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drivemusicnow wrote:I've got one on order, and will maybe have it this week... it'll be my first espresso grinder so I'm not sure I'll be a very helpful reviewer, but we'll see :D
Let's hear your thoughts?


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This is interesting, to get "bigger small grinder" but I guess the price point is quite same on Eurekas alla 65mm grinders. So why choose mignon, zenit or atom? It could be hard to do. I personally have Zenith, and I do not can think any reason to want to change. Not saying that I got the best, but not either guess any benefit on mine, or mignon. Or atom. So, where is the beef?


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There is a price difference though, however small:

Mignon XL - 700 euro
Atom 65 - 750 euro
Zenith - 800 euro

I'd say the biggest two factors to choosing for the home would be retention and size. The Mignon should have the smallest retention and is the smallest as well. Personally I don't like the square shape though, it looks a bit cheap.


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XL has least retention and is very small.

Both XL and Atom are very very silent in operation.

Zenith is a big grinder. I believe it has not the 'silent technology'.

At home I would prefer the XL. And the Atom over the Zenith. In a more commercial setting the Zenith is the winner.

I do not know if they all have the same 65 mm burrs.


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The XL is the first Mignon grinder I would consider. Call me crazy but I just cannot see how another 50mm Grinder like the Silenzio would improve on my 50mm Gaggia MDF. Yes, the MDF has the world's worst doser, but I use a workflow with a cup and wdt to solve that. In terms of the grinds themselves, it looked like marginal improvements if any. The XL, on the other hand, is a great price point and a nice looking grinder.

That said, I just bought an Anfim CODY II, so hopefully I'm out of the grinder game.


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I was about to get the Atom 65 but at the last minute I changed my mind and opted for the XL. I think it's a better option for home use. I'm gonna get it on Monday.
I hope my expectations will come true. Currently I'm using my old trusted friend, Rocky. Let's see how the extra 15mm burr size translates in taste!


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Hi all, first post, long time lurker.

Just got my XL chrome this week, here's a few initial thoughts, will post a more detailed review after a few weeks when the burrs have been broken in.

I bought mine at and paid 674€ including ups shipping to Denmark. I have been considering the Atom for a while but have been hesitating since I was looking for a smaller grinder than my Compak E8 but without sacrificing too much in the downgrading process. So with the 65mm burrs, the silent operation and compact design, the XL seemed like a match.

So far I haven't been disappointed, it's fast and silent, delivers fluffy grinds precisely into the portafilter and fits well in my small kitchen. The adjustment mechanism is the easiest I have tried and the display is clear and intuitive. The build quality seems really good, a heavy and steady little powerhouse.

A few very minor minuses so far; the on/off button could be larger and easier to operate, the hopper lid feels a bit cheap to me but fits precisely and the supplied mat kit only supports the grinder sitting on the left side of the mat. They probably supplied the mat to create a more premium feeling, I would have preferred to save the money.

Kind regards


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I just got mine today.
My only reference for comparison is the Rocky. So, XL is quiet, fast, easy to use and adjust! The grind is clump free and fluffy. The only coffee I had available was some old supermarket grade beans so I can't really comment on taste.

I've seen a video with comments on the quality of the hopper plastic and the (loose) way the lid fits on the hopper. Mine sits tightly, no noises or rattling. I have to agree with Sorent about the on/off button. The thick protective plastic is a good idea, but makes it a bit tricky to operate.
The only flaw so far is that the hopper tab doesn't completely close the opening to the burrs chamber. It feels like the tab is a bit wider or the slot too narrow. It didn't force too much because I didn't want to risk a crack. The gap is very small. I doubt a bean could get through, in case i ever use it, but anyway is something worth mentioning on the build quality. Not a perfect fit.