Eureka Mignon vibrates a lot

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#1: Post by nacint »

Having two Eureka Mignon Zero at home..
One is new, and with comparison, the new one vibrates a lot more than the old one.

Does anyone know if it's normal?
Uploaded the video to Youtube:

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#2: Post by crwper »

What do they sound like if they're sitting on a solid counter, rather than on the tray? The first one sounds almost like my Specialita, except yours has an additional "buzz". The second one is mostly that buzz, so I'm wondering if the buzz might be coming from, say, the tray not sitting quite flat.

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#3: Post by kevviek »

I just posted a similar issue with a Mignon Oro Single Dose. Glad it's not my imagination. As it's brand new I was looking to swap it but wondering if anyone knows a way to remove the buzz/rattles