Eureka Mignon Turbo?

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#1: Post by redbone »

Appears to be yet another iteration of the Mignon product line. This variant looks similar to the Mignon XL with 65mm burrs and larger motor.
My guess here marketing as it appears to be a Eureka vs Eureka Oro product.

RPM - 1630
Wattage 320 ... e=hs_email
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#2: Post by NicoNYC »

Man, Eureka really loves expanding their Mignon line! It's gotta be up to about a dozen by now with 2 other 65mm models, Specialita, Brew, and a handful of 50mm models. Not to mention the "design" series and the gold plated grinders.

The only difference I could see between this and the XL is possibly cheaper burrs - they don't mention the "diamond inside" cryo treatment on the Turbo specsheet.
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#3: Post by Ypuh »

I got the same newsletter, but the claimed motor power and RPM seems the same as the Mignon XL? Also the 1.8 - 2.3 gram/sec is similar.

Wouldn't be that happy if the released a new and improved Mignon XL less than a year after the previous model. On the other hand, I enjoy mine. It's simple but effective. Except for a few minor issues (portafilter holder, long screws) there's not much to improve, but from the exterior it looks like the same machine.
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#4: Post by K7 »

- Throughput of 1.8-2.3 g/s for espresso would be somewhere between the XL (2.3-2.8 ) and Specialita (1.2-1.8 ). Power and RPM numbers match those of the XL, so it must be the burrs (steel vs "diamond inside")? Interesting.
- Bottom of chassis is two-toned like the Specialita.
- Adjustment knob seems to be that of the Specialita.

I'm going to guess it's not an "Oro" entry and will be priced a bit lower than the regular Oro XL. It looks like Eureka is able to bring some economies of scale to the table and keep the prices down with the Mignons. Their lineup dominate all major US retailer's listings... To be able to do that without outsourcing to China (and get your IP copied/stolen in the long run) is impressive IMO.


#5: Post by Ypuh »

That would make sense. I only assumed that it would be positioned above the XL (€650) and below the Atom 75 €1.100) that is nearly twice as expensive. Didn't really figure they would place something in between the Specialita (€400) and XL.

That would probably mean the end of the Specialita as internet-favourite though, or have it decrease in price. The only thing lacking with the Specialita as a perfect entry grinder are slightly larger burrs.
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#6: Post by boren »

Can it take third party burrs (e.g. SSP)?

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Kaffee Bitte

#7: Post by Kaffee Bitte »

Can any eureka grinder take 3rd party burrs? None that I have seen. If you need ssp go another route
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#8: Post by Jonk » replying to Kaffee Bitte »

In this video (@17:30) about Eureka Single Dose, Lance is able to fit 2 different "aliexpress" burrs, Fellow Ode and Gorilla gears in it. Not clear if the screw holes line up perfectly.
All SSP burrs are slightly too large, but you can apparently modify the carriers slightly with a dremel to make them fit. You'll end up with almost no rim around the stationary carrier though.

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#9: Post by bonjing »

Curious, it seems eureka is a popular brand, yet there seems to be no aftermarket burrs for them, why is that? Other than the gorilla burrs. But the gorilla burrs seem to be the same as the stock burrs just with a coating.