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#71: Post by Radio.YYZ »

MattGeo wrote:Ya it's copper wire I had around just dressed it up a little. I have the cork to reduce mess but honestly I don't think it does much - just for looks really. So no "plunger" I was going to try the bellows from the initial post but find that there isn't much left behind after I dose.
I frankensteined a plunger type of thing for my last grinder and it worked out for this one as well, it kinda puts a tiny amount of weight on the beans and follows them down into the opening of grinder to simulate the hoppers weight on the beans and to stop the popcorning. I find it improves the grind quality when single dosing a lot.
ojaw wrote:I just dose straight into the basket as it sits on a scale, wouldn't this be easier?
I usually just weight the beans, then grind it into a vessel, shake it about and flip it on my basket. Having the vessel fit perfectly on the basket is a bonus i use a glass one right now but the metal one seems made for it so why not.
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#72: Post by Yum »

Looking for 2 extra o rings for 2 eureka mignon machines, anyone have a couple extra ?? PRETTY PLEASE

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#73: Post by mike1808 »

Thanks for the mod! I got my Specialita today and modified it right away! Few caveats:

The 1" PVC coupling is not a universal. I bought 1" couplings from my local Home Depot and the OD was 1mm bigger than fitting for the grinder. However, I got another 1" coupling from my local hardware store and it fits perfectly.

For anyone new who's trying to mod the inner diameter (ID) of the grinder is 41.8 mm. Second time I went to hardware store I brought my calipers with me to find a perfect coupling :) . Also, I got some random o-ring, it was a bit smaller but it could stretch easily. Overall, I'm very happy with this mod.

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#74: Post by Radio.YYZ » replying to mike1808 »

Key is, Schedule 40 1" Coupling. Fits perfectly!
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#75: Post by Yum »

:D thanx's


#76: Post by Winz »

Hi! The bellows sound cool. Thinking of modding my eureka mignon. Is it food safe though?


#77: Post by Quint » replying to Winz »

Per the information provided by the manufacturer of the duster, it is made of "high quality polypropylene", which is food safe.

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#78: Post by Ming-Tzu »

New Specialita owner here looking to do this mod. I have the bellows and the PVC pipe and o-ring are easy to get. My only issue is that I have no Dremel.

Any alternatives to making the cut for the notch? Maybe a razor blade and try to sand out the edges afterwards? It won't be a perfect cut so I imagine there'll be some wiggle room. Try to figure out the cleanest way to make this cut.


#79: Post by ojaw »

Probably a file would be tidiest, could be done with a saw (maybe hack or dozuki?) and sandpaper.


#80: Post by Ming-Tzu »

Thanks! Gotta see what's in the garage to use lol