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Saltedcheesepie wrote:Sorry, here is another picture of the PVC. image
That's awesome!! So glad it worked out well for you too. That hopper is perfect! I really need to get a 3D printer....

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Saltedcheesepie wrote:Sorry, here is another picture of the PVC. <img>
Hi Do you mind to share the 3d print file?


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winders wrote:I have a bunch of the flat o-rings if anyone wants one.......
Yes I would love 2. O rings for my 2 grinders are they still available?


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winders wrote:Dimitri,

This is a great setup and I really like it as you don't have to do anything to the Specialita directly!

But, that PVC coupler you list above is the wrong one. It is too big. We want the 1" coupler, not the 1 1/4" coupler. Here is the link: ... /203811385

Even this coupler has an ID that is .020" or .5mm too big. I sanded down the part of the coupler that inserts into the grinder. I left it with enough material for a nice tight fit. Even the hole in the bellows is a bit too small for the coupler but that was easy to address on the bellows.

I ordered some flat o-rings from McMaster Carr to seal the bellows. Here is the link:

The package I am getting comes with 25. So I have extras if anyone wants one.


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winders wrote:I have a bunch of the flat o-rings if anyone wants one.......
I would LOVE to get 2 Orings from you, I have 2 eurekas how would I message you my address, I'm in Illinois


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Yum wrote: Yes I would love 2 please. O rings for my 2 eurekas are they still available? How can I get them I'm in Illinois
Thanks Mindy


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A new owner of the Specialita and first time poster here. dak, thank you so much for the post. The video is super helpful also.

Just want to add some info about the parts.

The Home Depot PVC item link provided by dak is correct (Charlotte brand, 1-5/8 in OD), but my local Home Depot only had a slightly larger version (different brand and 1-11/16 in OD) that does not fit the bellow mentioned in the OP. Luckily, my local Ace Hardware store had the correct version: ... ings/43106.

While at Ace, you may also pick up a compatible rubber O-ring: ... gs/4203527 (Note: They also have a thinner version with the same inner diameter. I went with the thicker version in the link.)


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Thanks for sharing this how-to! I finished my modification last night and think it looks pretty pretty.


I've only pulled two shots so far but so far so good. Retention was minimal, <1g on a 20g dose. Only gripe is it is a little messier than before. When I hit the bellows I always get a little dusting of grounds on the countertop despite using a funnel and keeping it tight to the chute. Oh well, a small price to pay for zero retention grind.


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That's awesome Jacob, glad it's working well for you! I agree about the messiness with the bellows, but I use a workaround that helps minimize the mess. I grind straight to the PF and when the grinding finishes, I just give the bellows a couple of light taps which gets most of the retention without causing the grounds in the PF to spray everywhere. Then, if you want to get the last .3-.5 grams out, I remove the PF and use a small diameter (~40mm) catch cup from my hand grinder to really thwack and compress the bellows. With the small diameter empty cup, even the full force of the bellow doesn't cause the last bit of retention to go everywhere and I can just tap it into the PF.

Also, you and I have very similar setups - 8)


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I started experimenting with single dosing into the OEM hopper and I am shocked with how little retention there is without any modifications. I'm consistently getting 0 to .1g retention with no RDT, no mods, and no mess. This is an amazing grinder for the money. I've removed the bellows and went back to the hopper.

My process is this:
1. Weigh beans.
2. Place beans in hopper with base closed
3. Turn on grinder, start motor.
4. Open the base of the hopper, dropping beans into the spinning grinder.
5. When the height of the un-ground beans drop below the door in the hopper, close it to prevent popcorning
6. Let motor run for 5 seconds after the last of the grinding is audible.
7. Weigh the portafilter and marvel at how little this <$700 grinder retains.