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I really don't get any popcorning with the set up. I tried the tamper before but I honestly don't see any difference. Maybe I'm overthinking it but I think there is the combination of beans pushing down from the hopper and the grinding chamber being full so more contact is being made with the beans and less opportunity of fewer beans getting processed at the beginning and at the end which would lead to inconsistencies. I suppose you could sift to verify particle size population/distribution but again seems like overkill unless you're doing r&d on grinders lol.


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To those using the clear / white orb bellows I recommend drilling a 3/4" to 1" hole in the top. When you compress it you can block off the hole. When released, lift your hand and allow the air to refill the bellows from above. This will keep grinds from being pulled up through the grinder.

I used a hole saw to cut the hole in mine.


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dak wrote:PVC coupling for the Single dose hopper ... /203811387

This is a great setup and I really like it as you don't have to do anything to the Specialita directly!

But, that PVC coupler you list above is the wrong one. It is too big. We want the 1" coupler, not the 1 1/4" coupler. Here is the link: ... /203811385

Even this coupler has an ID that is .020" or .5mm too big. I sanded down the part of the coupler that inserts into the grinder. I left it with enough material for a nice tight fit. Even the hole in the bellows is a bit too small for the coupler but that was easy to address on the bellows.

I ordered some flat o-rings from McMaster Carr to seal the bellows. Here is the link:

The package I am getting comes with 25. So I have extras if anyone wants one.


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Oh no! I'm so sorry for the mistake. I must have been confused because the inner diameter is ~1.25" but I guess that is to accommodate the OD of the 1" pipe?

Thanks so much for the correction



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I have a bunch of the flat o-rings if anyone wants one.......


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Hey Scott,

How is the mod working for you?


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So far, so good! It's a bit messier than I would like but it is easy to get the same dose out that you put in. I am thinking about putting a hole in the top of the bellows that @symbology suggests.


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Glad to hear it's helped with the retention. As far as the mess, I started doing a few light rapid taps with only a little compression of the bellows the first few times and then end with one or two full compressions. The light taps get most of the retention and it keeps the coffee from coming out as forcefully.

Would love to see anyones setup with the hole cut out....


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Hello @Dak,

Thank you for sharing this awesome mod! First saw your video on YouTube and then saw it here in HB forum. Immediately register an account and really wanted to say thank you!

I done this mod for my Eureka Perfetto, and it worked perfectly fine. Couldn't get the PVC (41.6mm outer diameter) during this lockdown, so I have it 3d printed and it fits perfectly with the bellow!

Also did some minor printing for better "aim" as the stock marker is too far from the knob. :lol: getting all geeking during this lockdown due to free time! Cheers!



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Sorry, here is another picture of the PVC. Image