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Thank you very much for the speedy response. HB is a fantastic resource - especially for those of us getting started - because folks like you are so generous with their time and expertise.


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I'm kind of late to the party, but thanks again for posting the mod. I recently got the Mignon Specialita and it works great to get that last bit of grinds out of the chute!

For those of you that live in the Midwest, I found that Menards carries the 1" schedule 40 coupler made by NIBCO for about $0.30, which fits well. ... 180118.htm

For the O-ring, I already had a Harbor Freight O-ring kit from a previous project, and the 1 1/2" ID, 1 1/8" OD ring worked great, snug and beefy enough to form good seal with the bellows. Might not be worth buying a whole assortment, but if you are like me and randomly find you need O-rings, not a bad kit for $7.99. ... 67554.html

Regarding the bellows, are most of you creating a hole in the top to prevent suction? I went to clean it and noticed some stray grinds/chaff in there, and was wondering if that is caused by reflux when releasing the bellows.

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Seattlegrognard wrote:Would someone who has the PVC/bellows single dosing rig please on their Mignon Specialita please report the overall height needed to get bellows into place? The clearance between my countertop and cabinet bottom is just 16" and I suspect that's not quite enough.
Thanks in advance!
as reported the clearance needed is 15" for operation but that doesn't take into account the space needed to remove and put on the bellows and I would think 16" clearance may be too tight. So you will have to pull it out, do some tilting or collapse the bellows fully to get the bellows on and off. I ran across this youtube video and they use a rubber pan cone. their whole setup is taller but that could be adjusted, the rubber pan cone as it is called in the video is completely flexible and could probably be used without the ridged extras (PVC) installed in the video allowing for tighter space.


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Thanks for the great mod. I implemented your solution the day my new Silenzio arrived.

Grey PVC electrical conduit coupling at Home Depot is slightly smaller (less than 1mm difference) and fits better in my Silenzio. The grey fits all the way in, while I had to put a lot of pressure on the white PVC, to get it to go in less than 1/2" ... /202043236

The grounds that get blown out by the bellows at the end are very fine, much finer than the ones that come out on their own. Do you have the same experience?


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Having used this bellows / single dosing mod for a number of months now, I have to say - very impressed with the results. I have some concerns if the last bit of beans being pushed out is too fine - but really haven't seen that come to fruition in the cup.


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Yep, it's fantastic. I used to assume the fines blown out by the bellows need to be mixed in with intense WDT, but lately I found such WDT is really not needed with this grinder. I just grind straight into the basket while I rotate the basket, gentle vertical tap to collapse the grinds, minor grooming of the top for even puck thickness, and then one more vertical tap before tamping. Simple and effective.


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Has anyone tried one of these incline stands for their Eureka? ... rs=1&bes=1

It seems to copy the Niche Zero design and promotion zero retention. Just wondering if it actually does anything without using a bellows to push the grinds out.


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I put a folded dish towel under the back to raise it about an inch. It seems to help, but I also use a bellows and have not tried without bellows. I would try something homemade like that before investing in the manufactured solution.


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BTW, Eureka just introduced their own single dose hopper and bellows for the Mignon series.
35 euros for the hopper, 45 for the bellows.
I was looking forward to getting those, but that price....I think I'll stick with my $12 insecticide bellows for a little longer :lol: