Eureka Mignon Specialita single dose blow up hopper with incline stand

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#1: Post by goingfirstblue »

I made a single dose blowup hopper with incline stand like Mignon oro.
and I tried to make mignon convenience.

So, I attached funnel which design has same line with mignon.

and i made a switch for dosing cup and dosing ring.
just push cup!
When using dosing ring. we can push switch.

It is very easy for using with scale.

Big dial provides easy contol grinding level (has decimal line). the lines were aligned with line on the top cover.

Before making this version, i made Rect. version blowup hopper like original mignon hopper.

Blow up hopper provides almose zero remain.

you can see many other pictures at youtube.

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#2: Post by JohanR »

Great, you have some really nice looking mods there. Also the ones for the chute and the dial. Are they available somewhere?


goingfirstblue (original poster)

#3: Post by goingfirstblue (original poster) »

Before making hopper, I tried to make it using water dispenser pump. and bought blow up hoppers from other people.
I could satisfy the performance about zero remaining. but i couldn't satisfy appearance.
I really like mignon's design that's why i bought it.

so i started to study 3D printing and started to make my own hopper for my mignon.

I posted my hopper at a on-line community in Korea.
Many people wanted me to make them.
So i made these.. some of pictures were taken by other people.

I'm not going to sell those to overseas.
because... i don't know how to ship to overseas.

Ah.. i will post another one. It's for mahlkonig home x54. it is also a single dose blow up hopper with incline stand.


#4: Post by ZX2BY2U »

Nice work!