Eureka Mignon Specialita doesn't grind fine enough for espresso - need help troubleshooting

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I have been using an eureka mignon specialita for pour over over the last 6 months without a problem . I also have a niche zero I use for espresso with a flair 58.
I loaned my niche zero to my brother for a test drive and thought that in the meantime it will be easy to dialing espresso with the specialita.

I was wrong!

first let me say I got this grinder new and i never ran the grinder with burr "touching" for more than a few seconds ( while trying to dialing for espresso over the last couple of days) .
when I look at the burr after cleanup ( just before typing this post) they look pristine and undamaged to me ( but I am not a pro..)

The problem is that if I bring the burr to the "finest possible setting" (with no friction noise audible) and I made a puck out of it it still way too coarse and I cannot build any pressure on the flair... the water just flow through it as soon as I push the lever).
IS there a beginner mistake I can have made with this grinder? ( I otherwise make daily espresso with my niche zero and the flair...)
Is it possible that the burr that were installed were not made for espresso? ( I bought the grinder on amazon and there is no mention made of the burr on the product page. I assume they are espresso capable. Are they?

Even if I cant see it is it possible that a few second of operation with burr (slightly) touching might have damaged the burr without me being able to see it afterward?

I am thinking buying a new set of burr but it annoys me to spent the money while the burr "looks" ok....
Any comment /suggestion welcome


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Hi Jean, sorry to read about your troubles. Amazon is relatively new in Australia and is just a cheap arsed box mover with no service at all but I thought in the USA they were full service and you could ring and speak to one of their specialist coffee staff who would talk you through this, just like a specialist coffee retailer? Is that not the case?

It sounds like your burrs might need aligning, meaning they are not parallel to each other and larger grinds can get through. This would not be noticeable on pourover. This may not be the problem but likely and costs nothing to try and fix. Search on this forum for 'marker test' which will describe how to test your alignment and then shim the burrs with aluminum foil or similar. I hope it solves the issue.

jf_nh (original poster)

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Thanks a lot for the info
well I guess aligning burr is something I don't think I am able to do and don't have the time to learn.
I also think that this should not happen with a good brand and a well designed product designed for home use
So i AM going to sell the specialita and will shop for another grinder from another brand

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Do you by chance have the bad burrs?

Revisiting the Eureka Specialita

jf_nh (original poster)

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Thanks a lot!!
its definitively a possibility as I bought mine in November 21 on Amazon
I am going to explore this further


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LuckyMark: Is this a joke?!? Here in the USA, Amazon is most definitely just a "box mover".
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jf_nh wrote:Thanks a lot!!
its definitively a possibility as I bought mine in November 21 on Amazon
I am going to explore this further
Any update on this? Did you get replacement burr?