Eureka Mignon Single Dosing Mod

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A while back I converted my Eureka Mignon to a single dose grinder using the kit from Single Dose Brew. I also added a tilt base that I found on Etsy. The setup has worked out well with a few tweaks.

The SDB bellows is a good quality silicone rubber unit but the fit on the 3D printed hopper is kinda loose resulting in broken fragments of coffee beans getting stuck between the bellows and the hopper. The loose fit also allows much of the air to escape, reducing the effectiveness of the bellows. I rectified that by adding a couple of zip ties to keep the bellows tight against the hopper.

I have had trouble with the small domed momentary contact button on the Mignon. Dosing into the portafilter is awkward at best. Trying to nail the small domed button with the slick round rim of the pf is no fun especially in the morning when you haven't had any coffee yet! So I've been dosing into a cup using a finger wrapped around the back of the cup to press the button. That works ok but it's awkward and nowhere near "hands free".

I added this accessory, also from SDB in the hopes that it would solve the problem.

It's a nice 3D printed fork and comes with a heavy plastic dosing cup. The cup has a wide band around the top and that's what presses against the trigger button. I'm not particularly fond of plastic and mine also arrived with some nasty chips out of the rim. My steel dosing cup also has a wide band around the top but it's about an eighth inch shy of being able to contact the trigger button. So another tweak... I cut a small bit of plastic and glued it to the face of the trigger button. That added just enough thickness so that the rim of my steel dosing cup can depress the contact switch.

Now I can just drop the dosing cup onto the fork and forget about targeting! I like these products and the guy who sells them is very responsive. He's already sent a replacement dosing cup

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By warming the fork with a heat gun, I was able to pinch the tines in a bit. Now the cup kind of snaps into place against the trigger button. Heres a video...
The background noise it my kitchen exhaust fan, not the grinder!


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I also converted my Eureka Mignon to single dose via 3D printed small hopper (no bellows), but ultimately I got frustrated my the grind retention and buildup . Do the bellows solve that problem?

Cool fork!

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My Mignon got so clogged up by the end of the first week that the motor wouldn't spin. When I cleaned it out I removed the "declumping fingers" and added the hopper and bellows. The bellows definitely keeps the chamber and chute clear. There's still some fines left in the grinder so an occasional cleaning is still needed.


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I use a plastic zip tie together with a paper clip pretty regularly, both in the chute pushing up into the burrs as well in the burrs pushing down into the shoot. It's annoying for sure. The sweepers are pretty ineffective.