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Postby Radio.YYZ » Feb 12, 2019, 9:22 pm

Reefguy wrote:To be honest, I don't feel qualified to offer a review other than fit, finish looks very good, in terms of performance with grind, etc, I'm not sure as I bought my grinder prior to having my machine, ( profitec 700 or Bianca ) which I'm hoping to have in the next few weeks. My current Gaggia Classic is a pain to pull a decent shot to say the least, my barista skills are not that limited as I use to pull espressos from commercial machines since I was 10 in my dads bars, long time ago, different times.
I did quite a bit of research on this grinder and didn't read that anywhere regarding light / medium roasts, my buddy has the same grinder and uses a med roast with bezzera duo and shots are bang on.

Sure you are qualified! We are all giving our opinions from our perspectives and our biased pros and cons. Another member here said going from his sette to mignon was a great upgrade! Good to know that your friend is pulling great shots with medium coffee, i am thinking i may have read it for the mignon machine and not the new specialita.

Going from Mignon to something like the atom 75 is more than 2x as much in cost! So i am thinking i will probably end up with this one.

You can see how the grinds come out their fineness and once you get your profitec pro 700 (2019 model i am assuming with the pid upgrade already in place) then you can update what kinda beverages you are enjoying.

You got the black model? is matte black or gloss? is the trim chrome or black? Perhaps attach some photos ;)
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Postby Reefguy » Feb 12, 2019, 9:28 pm

I just read the thread you mentioned, where a user was having issue with lighter grounds, I think his is isolated, as few users on the thread had no issue with lighter grounds, to point of choking the machine, I also was looking at the Atom, I had tasted shots ground on both grinders, and honestly couldn't tell the difference right now, maybe in 2 years when upgrading / boredom draws me to another grinder. Based on tasting shots , I'm still comfortable with the purchase, once the actual machine arrives I'll be able to gauge it better. I got the White, I kinda of wished I ordered the black, right now I'm torn between the Bianca and 700.

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Postby Radio.YYZ » replying to Reefguy » Feb 12, 2019, 9:40 pm

I actually have never looked or researched the Bianca or the brand on itself. I have a pro500 and the build quality sold me on it, ironically enough i had an issue right after the warranty and i bought the part to replace myself and its been rock solid. If i were to ever switch to a DB i would probably get the Pro700 because of SS boilers, and steam boiler pressure at 2bar and build quality.

I am just rereading this whole thread again and i saw a comment about heated grinds as well, lets see what other people say as well or maybe it was the burn in phase.

Good to know this little machine can perform! Getting to 75mm burrs does add a lot of $.

Is the control pad area in chrome or black on your glossy white?
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Postby Reefguy » Feb 12, 2019, 10:02 pm

I read as well grinds heating up, but I grind smaller amounts and don't see as an issue, the display pad is black, chrome accents, I think just the body is different colours.
I'll report back once I get the machine, I'm getting my backsplash redone and doing some Reno's, should be done by end of March,
Plus IDC will have no tax Easter sale, I thought pid was upgraded on 2017s?

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Postby Radio.YYZ » replying to Reefguy » Feb 12, 2019, 10:16 pm

I think the machine was release with upgraded pid in 2018 and kit was available to upgrade older pro700, you could tell the upgraded one had black dials etc. I would confirm with IDC if 2018 model has upgraded pid or not.

No tax would be good, but if you are on their mailing list i think couple of years ago they offered 15% discount on almost everything as well which turns out a nudge better than no hst.

I am flip flopping on specialita vs atom - thinking i should do the specialita and see what i think.
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Postby Reefguy » Feb 12, 2019, 10:44 pm

I am on their mailing list. 15% is a big saving.
I was all for the Atom, reading specs, I'm not sure I'd taste the difference, good luck.

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Postby redbone » Feb 13, 2019, 12:10 pm

Specialita vs ATOM 60 is 317.95€ for 110v units, considerable difference considering price of Specialita is 344.59€.
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Postby Silentsim » Feb 14, 2019, 7:25 pm

Reefguy wrote:Mine is arriving today,

Hi, please check PM


Postby bedejay » Feb 14, 2019, 9:20 pm

Sorry, haven't been following the forums too much lately, but am back now. Glad someone else pointed you in the right direction. I was definitely concerned about possibly receiving a defective machine; however, mine came as described, packaged nicely, and beautiful. For those interested in buying the black Specialita, it is Matte. Slightly bigger footprint compared to a Baratza Encore. I've only choked the machine once when I accidentally covered the shoot and created a blockage. Have no issues.

I think there is about .4ish grams of retention for my day to day, which is usually easily removed by grinding for a second. I have my double dose setting set to my daily doppio with the single dose to top off or remove previous days grounds. I use a Robot, so I don't use the PF holder. I do use a knock-box and put it right under the shoot (perfect size).

Can't beat the price when ordering through EspressoCoffeeShop, especially with no ~10% tax here in CA. I ordered on a Thursday and it was delivered the following Monday. Can't really complain about this website. I even asked for a promo code just out of curiosity and they emailed me one shortly after. Dunno if it's something they will always do, but definitely a great incentive.

Will be my daily grinder for the foreseeable future. Will likely only upgrade if/when I upgrade decide to splurge on a semi-automatic :D


Postby guydebord » Feb 14, 2019, 10:00 pm

I thought I would update. I have been getting consistent low grind retention of .1 to .2 grams max. and the espresso extractions I get from a Scandinavian light roast such as Dragonfly's Leam Hammer are really, really good. I brought a bag of those beans to my local specialty shop (good friends) and they dialed it in an SSP EK43 and Peak, I have to say, the Specialità did a great job of keeping up with the big boys. In short, Im very pleased with it.

This week I started to experiment with grinding for pour-over, I got a bag of Port of Mokha and it has been nothing but amazing. I am planning to transition the grinder for brew only and Im very happy with the results too.
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