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tglodjo wrote:Thanks. I've read that the Brew Pro has 55mm flat burrs instead of the Filtro's 50mm, and it has the electronic dosing. I'm sure some of the names are from different generations or something though. Now I need to choose between a Brew Pro or hyper-aligning a So many rabbit holes to go down....
I misspoke, was thinking Atom Pro. The Brew Pro may be just as capable with same features as the rest but in a different shell but as I have not looked into that Mignon series, will let someone with more knowledge answer. To your point, they have such a wide range with features that look identical that it's difficult to even understand what you're buying.


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Another data point for you all regarding the Specialita from espressocoffeeshop. I am in the US and ordered the 110v (+25$) version and it arrived in a few days, low shipping cost, no problems. No import duties or VAT.

Anyhow I've run a couple pounds of coffee through it over two weeks and I'm generally satisfied. I know its frowned upon but I leave the hopper about half full to provide proper vertical pressure.

Built like a beautiful red tank, far quieter than my previous grinders. With my lighter roasts I'm hovering around 1 to .5, with chirping happening not too long after so I assume 0 really is 0 on my dial.
The timing function is extremely consistent and once I dial in I can go by time to the .1 second and be on target by weight
Retention and mess are both very low

I do still struggle with channeling so I am hoping this just needs to break in more, or I need to improve other parts of my process. RDT might still be useful.

I bought it at the same time as I got my gaggia so I unfortunately can't compare easily with a previous grinder set up.


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I own a Settle 270WI. The internals got worn. Baratza sent over a replacement motor/gear assy. I took the old assy apart, and was surprised to see all the internal gears were entirely plastic, and all chewed up. Even the bearing races were plastic.

Thankfully Baratza USA, gives no hassle in sending free replacement repair parts, without asking a thing about your warranty status, they don't even ask about proof of purchase. The new assy was easy to replace and it works well now.

Obviously Baratza's philosophy is to provide cheaply built machines that are easy to repair and grind well, but are not built to last.

I just ordered a Eureka Atom 60, and will sell the 270WI.


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I have had the EMS for a year now and it does what it is supposed to do and it nice and small and quiet. It is very well built and I'm sure will last a long time.

A practical and not over-priced grinder


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After three years of a couple of cups daily, my Perfetto's electronic timer has failed. The display allows two different timing presets, and one side would not adjust properly, and became useless. I dared not fool with the other side, so now when we don't want to grind exactly where it is set at, we have to manually time it, or go to single dosing. The perils of electronics...


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Did you consider to install a new display?


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The diagnostic fee alone is more than I want to pay at this point; I'm not sure how much the total cost is likely to be. My wife, daughter and I each make one cup daily, and then it's on to espresso later in the day with a different grinder. So it's not too bad, just annoying.


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hello, to the Canadians who got a Specialita or Silenzio from espressocoffeeshop, how much did you pay in duties? is there a way to ask for more color selections (only seeing 3 colors for the Silenzio)? and any problems with the whole purchasing and shipping process?



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Hi all,

Are the differences between the silenzio and the specialitá just the following?

- Burr: 50mm (Silenzio) vs 55mm (specialitá)
- Display: NO (Silenzio) vs YES (specialitá)

If that is the case, they can potentially make the same cup of espresso?



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The display comes with two timers. Helpfull, but does not change what you get in the cup as long as you use a scale to control how much coffee you put into the basket.

55 mm vs. 50 mm burr size may have an impact, but I doubt many people will notice this in the cup.