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aftercrasher wrote:I've been using a Perfetto for the past 3 months and say its a great little grinder. Very little grind retention, and has virtually no clumping - what a difference from my previous Rancilio Rocky.

However, perhaps some users of the Perfetto can share your experience, I grind almost exclusively for espresso, and my grind setting is all the way at 2.5-3 (at 'Turco' range according to the sticker). Although it extracts well to the time, I can't help but wonder, isn't that a tad bit too fine? - basically i'm almost at the end of the range.
I've just started using the Perfetto and have also noticed that I have to be right in the middle of the Turkish range. I think that's just the deal with this grinder. I was distressed, as I thought my unit was faulty, but I've counted 3 people in this thread that have a similar experience.


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I've recently received the Mignon Specialita. The espresso shots are great so far. I am using a medium-dark brazilian bean, and have a question on the grind adjustment.

I am grinding around 2.5 marks (~1/3 rotation) away from the burrs chirping. Is that pretty standard? I found very small changes in the adjustment wheel give relatively large changes in the grind size. On the Eureka Atom I am at ~3/4 rotation from burrs chirping for similar shots, so it gives me more than 2x precision in choosing the grind size. It's not terribly difficult, but it seems like they could have used a finer thread on the Mignon Specialita adjustment.


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That sounds about right for that type of bean you describe. I pull mostly light and medium roast beans and I usually range from .5 marks from chirp for the lightest roast, blooming / double filtered Scott Rao style shot with a 3 to 1 ratio over 60-75 seconds to about 2 marks from chirp for a standard medium roast coffee. The darkest I will occasionally pull is Blue Bottle's Hayes Valley and that is usually between 2-2.5 marks from chirp depending on whether I am shooting for a 1 to 1.5 ratio or a 1 to 1 ristretto.


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Ok great, thanks!


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Coastie44 wrote:I received my Specialita three weeks ago and find it to be finicky on whether it will grind at all or not. I am dosing about 9.5 sec on setting about 1.5 with medium roast beans for a shot that pulls in the right range on my Profitec machine (35-45 sec total). About every 4th time I try to grind, it just clicks and counts down. I have to adjust the setting to 4-5, then quickly change it back to my desired setting. Then it will work fine until it doesn't again. :-(

Anyone else have same problem? I sent an email to support at Seattle Coffee Gear (with no reply) on Friday to inquire about it.
Update: sent the grinder back and got a replacement. The replacement was able to easily choke my espresso machine without stalling. This one is on setting ~2.75 for my medium roast beans (vs 1.5 on the original).

So the stalling issue seems definitely to be anomalous and shouldn't occur with a well functioning grinder.