Eureka Mignon Perfetto dial stops before burrs touch

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Hi everyone, I just bought a used Eureka Mignon Perfetto. When turning the dial, it stops exactly between Espresso and Turco and I can't go any finer than that. It's probably fine for the roasts I like, but I'd still like to fix the problem.

I read multiple times that people can get their burrs to touch, so it's not just the dial that's misaligned. I opened the grinder up, cleaned the burrs a bit and looked around, but there was nothing blatantly obvious that's causing the problem. The lower burr moves upwards smoothly when turning the dial, but suddenly stops when the dial is between Espresso and Turco. I tried to take a good look at the dial's tread, but it difficult to see in there and I was hesitant to open it up any further.

Has anyone encountered that problem before or has an idea what's going on? Thanks in advance!

Eurekapiccola (original poster)

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I've created an album with a video and the burrs: