Eureka Mignon Filtro on/off switch

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Just got this in from SCG, looks good for my daily drip needs (my other grinder is the Olympus for espresso) - but I can see that hold to grind push button becoming a chore. Anyone know if I could get a regular on/off switch from one of the other Mignons and swap it out ? I don't mind leading the charge but if someone else already did it, please share ;-)


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I've been looking at that grinder as well for the price. I was wondering about replacing the switch also. Hopefully someone has done this successfuly! :mrgreen:
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StuartM (original poster)

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I boldly went with screwdriver and calipers!

Just four cross head screws on the baseplate allows easy access and the switch looks like it can be replaced with one of these (okay they come with siblings!)

I'll keep you posted after Tuesday...

StuartM (original poster)

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And for the curious, my tests show zero retention so I'm using it as a single doser for my drip coffees..

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A momentary switch would be ideal with limited on time cycle. These rocker switches have off / on with a spring that places toggle in neutral position after start has been depressed. Holding switch in start for less than 2 seconds will run grinder but not engage times setting while 2+ seconds will start the timed cycle.

Example of described momentary switch on Bunn LPG grinder.

Automatically resides in middle position after finishing grind.
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StuartM (original poster)

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Here we go, four screws and five minutes later, lazy switch installed...


#7: Post by freeadvice »

Would you be willing to post a small review on this grinder? I would greatly appreciate it!


#8: Post by ludespeedny »

I just bought this from SCG as a return and then saw it might not work for espresso. Does it go fine enough for that?