Eureka Mignon Brew Pro - Bad Grind

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I have owned a Brew Pro for several years now and wonder if I got a bad grinder that I should have warrantied when I first got it.

The two problems are : the grind adjustment doesn't go coarse enough, and the grind is highly inconsistent (subjectively).

My V60 pourover always clogs from having too many fine grinds in the filter. I can't even begin to consider making a french press since it just doesn't go coarse enough. This is odd given the Brew Pro is meant for pourover and french press brewing, so I'm confused.

I opened up the burr chamber and looked for issues with the adjustment mechanism and I can't find anything obviously off. I even pulled the motor out and looked at the lever system, everything looks as it should be, but the bottom burr just doens't move far enough away from the top burr to make for a coarse enough grind.

Anybody had similar experiences and can offer any advice? It's been a few years now since I bought directly from Eureka Italy and am not sure if they will warranty.

The attached photo shows the coarsest setting.

Thank you!