Eureka Mignon and a bottomless portafilter.

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#1: Post by adcampo »

Has anyone figured out a way to have the bottomless portafilter sit handsfree while grinding?

I use a funnel and have it set up to just barely balance. However, the funnel tilts a bit and some grinds spray out. Plus it's teetering on falling.


#2: Post by Entreri »

Maybe need to 3D-print a holder? I grind i to a dosing cup and pour into the portafilter after

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#3: Post by klee11mtl »

I tried with a magnetic dosing funnel but it wasn't high enough to prevent a mess. Went back to using the dosing cup and realized the shaking I had been doing when transferring to the portafilter was a very effective de-clumping technique so I have since removed the de-clump fork inside the grinder which was a source of retention.


#4: Post by Sib »

A 3D printer and neodymium magnets are your friend..!!

I found a Robot-specific DF64 mod to solve a similar problem on Thingiverse - there are probably already solutions out there for the Eureka Mignon too.

adcampo (original poster)

#5: Post by adcampo (original poster) »

Thanks. I'll search for a 3D printed optioned. I tried the magnetic funnel and it still tilted.

I also plastidipped the fork hoping the stickiness would hold it better. That made it worst :(.


#6: Post by Copresso »

Magnetic dosing funnel works fine with the Specialita. But you have to adjust the fork height properly. And if you get an inclined stand, you need to ben the forks to bring the portafilter level again.

adcampo (original poster)

#7: Post by adcampo (original poster) » replying to Copresso »

Yeah, I tried adjusting the height and angle of the forks. No luck. I think the plastidip made it stickier so it tilts more.

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#8: Post by giboja »

Heat shrink