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You know what's really really really really strange?

I haven't thought about that grindear since I last posted here.
An hour ago I found myself wanting to read the last posts of this thread.

Then you updated just now.

What kind of energy was flowing around the globe today.

HedonisticBeans (original poster)

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Yes. The crusher position looks correct.

What's plastic? The part that looks like lightning bolts ?
Mine was alloy. Flimsy like tin.

Did you notice any production date stamp?
Maybe underneath.

Anyhow, they've obviously rectified their mistake.

I had hopes that they'd reach out to me with a gesture of goodwill when they fixed the issue.
They have my email and mobile number.

But nope. I'm just a number to them.

Peter Venkman

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Hey Hedonistic ! lol ! what a good timing. I was feeling guilty over the last weeks cause i wasn't able to do it and post pics on here !

Yes, the lightning bolts things are plastic. It's different from what i saw over the web, usually, this part is kind of gold or copper in colour.

I also understand that you are bitter against the company. You paid lot of money for that grinder and you for sure was deserving a better customer service.

I'm sure they had good reasons, like short in staff with stupid covid or something like that. Since i'm from canada, i order everything from idrinkcoffee dot com. They have such a good customer service...

To me, it's my first purchase from Eureka. I had a breville grinder, then a Lelit, the rocket fausto and now this one. I really like it. I made some mods on it to improve it a bit. Smaller Hopper ( 300GR ), i killed the kill switch, i changed the grinding size indicators which were almost worthless. These step-less grinders deserve better grind settings. I've tried twice to use it as a single dose grinder, but i came back to a full hopper in no time. However, i now have figured what i need to make it happen, i'll see later if i can find the parts. But for sure, in it's current form, it won't work for single dosing. The main reason for single dosing is to be able to easily go from espresso setting to Pour over... with the hopper full of beans, it's not possible to change without wasting a lot of coffee.

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HedonisticBeans (original poster)

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The grind gauge you used is great and a million times better than stock.
How'd you kill the kill switch and why?

Peter Venkman

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There is a hopper killswitch. So when there is no hopper, the grinder as no power. When changing for a different hopper, the new hopper won't be able to press against that killswitch, so the hopper won't work.

The kill switch is '" female " the hopper is " male "

So i was able to bypass it. This way, you can single dose without any hopper or work with different hopper.

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Ypuh wrote:They offer by far the best performance-to-price ratio and the overall quality of their products is good. They are however a 'Made in Italy' brand that has its quirks. Some call it passion, others call it lack of quality control. I'm in the camp that as long as it's fixable, I'm willing to give it a try and so far haven't been disappointed.

Yours looks great in white! At first I though it would be too big, but in all fairness that has a certain charm.
Curious why you think they offer the best performance to price ratio? I disagree with this. I think they are still good grinders, and offer good performance for price, but not the best. Some ceados offer good performance for price (The E7P) but others don't. Anfim grinders offer exceptional - IMO the best - performance for price. But anfim grinders eat coffee like nobody's business, lots of retention.

Will agree that Helios looks amazing in white. Nice to see the short hopper on it too!

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Ceado's somehow seems a lot more popular in the US than here in The Netherlands (or Germany for that matter), whilst I believe they are in produced in Italy? I wouldn't call them rare, but none of the (web)shops have them on offer here. Same goes for Anfim, although I might agree with you here. They offer Mahlkonig quality/performance for 2/3 of the price.

It's pretty much all Eureka here (for many shops it is the only brand they offer, so also frequently discount). A few other brands are offered to lesser extent like ECM, Rocket, Baratza, Compak, Mazzer and Macap, but those are all less popular. I guess 70-80% of the consumer market is taken by Eureka because Dutchies love and adore value-for-money purchases.
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You do have a point that eureka grinders are much cheaper in Europe than they are on the other side of the pond! I didn't take that into consideration.

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Ah, yeah. I remember seeing Eureka prices in the US one time. That eliminates a lot of the good part and explains why users here are usually more critical towards Eureka for small/minor defects or startup problems.

I wouldn't go as far as to call Eureka a budget brand, they offer good realiable/durable machines (better than how a Niche feels for example), but in the US seen prices almost 50% more than what we pay. This side of the pond it's not difficult to find a webshop where a Specialita is around $420 and a Mignon XL $700 including tax, shipping and 5 year warranty. All direct competitors are usually $100-400 more expensive.
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Hello mate!

Did not have time to read all the feed which i will do after job for sure. Look like i am in the same boat as you.