Eureka Drogheria MCD4 85

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#1: Post by Kran »

Not too much on here about this grinder so I thought I'd give a quick personal perspective.

I've been eyeing it for some time due to the 85mm burrs and the, presumably, short chute that could allow for single dosing. Purchased the grinder a bit ago since the price was too good to pass up. Using it exclusively for single dosing espresso (RDT and WDT) and I'm very happy with it. Workflow is straight forward and i'm getting little to no retention (4/5 times 18g in and 18g out, occasionally 0.1g under with the next shot 0.1 over). I think using the bag clip as a knocker really helps. Popcorning is minimal. I do try to put a cap on top to prevent the stray shard from flying out but grinding is close to done by the time I dump the beans in and go to grab the plug. The grinder is very substantial and there's no movement when grinding. I've only had a chance to try ~3 types of beans but dial in and grind changes between the beans are as easy as on my dearly departed Atom.

Only two negatives for me personally. The first is that it's quite loud when grinding. Motor noise while running empty is marginal though. The second is the grinds catch tray you put under the grinder is just a flimsy piece of slippery plastic. If you use it, the grinder slides from the startup torque. I found this very annoying so I threw the plastic disk in the garbage.

Below is the grinder next to my E6 and an early dial in shot of Golden Bean.


#2: Post by jgood »

Three questions -
Are the grind adjustments fine enough for an espresso grinder?
What are you using In place of the stock hopper on your machine for single dosing?
And what's the height with the "single dosing" setup in your picture?

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Kran (original poster)

#3: Post by Kran (original poster) »

Yes, grind adjustment is fine enough for how I drink my espresso. During dial in I tried 19g in and 19g, 30g, or 40g out on the current bag of beans I'm drinking with no problem. I haven't taken the upper burr carrier off to look inside yet but adjustment feels very similar to my Atom.

What you see on the grinder is an Orphan Espresso mini hopper. It's designed for Compak grinders but I 3D printed a small gasket to fit the neck of the MCD4. In a pinch one could just wrap a few rounds of electrical tape around it to make it fit. With the mini hopper the grinder is about 18.25-18.5" tall. The 3d printed gasket adds ~0.25" between the neck of the grinder and the bottom of the mini hopper.


#4: Post by maxbmello »

I've never heard of this grinder until now. Would be interested to see how it compares to a bunn with ssp burrs.

Have you tested it for pourovers or any other brew methods yet?

Kran (original poster)

#5: Post by Kran (original poster) »

I'm using it for espresso only. For the little pourover that I do I'm happy to use my Xeoleo ghost burr grinder.


#6: Post by Tj. »

The Drogheria almost looks small next to that thick Compak. I agree the numbers on this grinder give it a really great performance/price ratio.


#7: Post by jgood »

Kran wrote: The 3d printed gasket adds ~0.25" between the neck of the grinder and the bottom of the mini hopper.
Two more questions:
Is that a total of 1/4 inch so the thickness needed is about 1/8 inch all around -- if that makes sense?
For 20 gr of coffee what's the approx run time to grind?

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Kran (original poster)

#8: Post by Kran (original poster) »

18g dose in 5s, but I then run an additional 5s while using the bag clip as a knocker.

My gasket dimensions were a little off in the previous post. In the picture below you have OE mini hopper, gasket, upper burr carrier. The gasket is 1.75mm thick:

In the next picture below you can see the mini hopper within the gasket, viewed from the bottom. OD of the gasket is 52.2mm, ID is 47mm.


#9: Post by jgood »

Thanks for all the help!
2 more questions -- Is it reasonable to dose directly into a portafilter or is a container needed?
And the "gasket" is just keeping the OE funnel thing stable? So I could use something like the rubber cut down from an old Nespresso fake steamer - pix attached ?


#10: Post by bryantb »

What kind of burrs are the 85mm? Is this an EK43 style or are these basically the same as their zenith and atom grinders? Just saw that several sites have this going half off. I'm looking for a single dosing grinder that doesn't break the bank. 4-6 shots a day plus nights we entertain and then it's a few more. pour overs occasionally. Currently coming from a Sette 270 with a Profitec Pro 600. The Sette can do ok sometimes but just doesn't have the clarity I'd like.