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Kran (original poster)

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Late to respond to some of these, sorry...
BronzeBeanOmar wrote:I just bought this grinder used, but while cleaning it, I lost the grind setting. To put the knob back on, do you twist it all the way clockwise, then tighten the set screws on the pointer? Any help is greatly appreciated.
You always lose grind setting if you remove the upper burr carrier. When I re-assemble after cleaning I re-attach the top plate, via the 4 screws, and then screw down the adjustment knob until I get to burrs chirp point. I then set the pointer to "0" and then back off the grind adjustment to about 1 to start dial in of espresso.
Kevin_sun wrote:Hello Kran,
Thank you for the sharing of Eureka ATOM burrs upgrade(in another post). It's an amazing modification!
I'm also an owner of ATOM 60 and want to upgrade the burrs to 65. Could you please send me the information where you bought the upper burr carrier?
I did a lot of Google search, but haven't found it yet.

Thank you!
I responded to you pm

Kran (original poster)

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Also, quick update on the MCD4 85. Spent a good few months with the mythos burr inside and decided I wanted to give the stock burrs another chance. Put the 85mm burrs back in and aligned, when I used the stock burrs initially I did not align them first. Now that the stock burrs are aligned I have plenty of adjustment room on the dial and am no where near zero. Espresso tastes great. Now I need to season the stock burrs a bit to see how they settle in.

I also made a few usability mods to the grinder for single dosing:

I designed the adapter for the bellow to have an integrated funnel. It helps with making sure beans don't get stuck on an edge but also does a great job preventing popcorning. Because the hole is only slightly larger, and higher, than the rotating nut it's very hard for beans to pop back out. Then end up bouncing along the underside of the adapter and are fed into the burrs.

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Freddy Camacho

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Nice looking mod. Im looking for a nicer looking bellow.
At the moment im using a normal dust bulb blower.
My adapter is sorted. May i know where you get you bellows from? Thanks

Kran (original poster)

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I got it from this shop EtsyL ... 1003477671

Looks like the seller uses the same bellow and then sells variations on the adapter for various grinders. I just got the cheapest one because I wanted to make my own adapter. It did take about a month to get to me after purchase.


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Why is this grinder so unpopular? I missed it somehow, until today. 85 mm burrs, looks like a terrific grinder. So little written about it here on HB.
And with the price that almost casts doubt on its quality, but obviously that's not true. Amazing grinder!


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I find it interesting because from the method of assembly and depending on how the top and base mate, one might be able to align the top burr by shimming with foil between the top burr carrier and base. Much like the Ultra but not quite so simple as the Ultra.


Kran (original poster)

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The grinder is currently sitting in my cabinet as I break in a DF64.

It works quite well. It is LOUD. It is FAST. Using standard alignment practices (foil under the burrs) I was able to shim the upper and lower burrs well. The noise just got to me and it sprayed grinds a lot. There's also no clump crusher. This would be fine except instead they didn't completely mill out the exit between the grind chamber and the chute. Just two half circles that kind of acts like a clump crusher. The stock burrs are ok for espresso and I couldn't find a source of "standard" eureka cut burrs in the 85mm form factor. By standard I mean the same burr design as the Atoms or olympus.

I don't plan on retiring it though. it's simply taking a break until I can find some spare funds for mythos 2 burrs. Those 85mm burrs plus the grinder form factor would be very interesting. I would then try and mill out the grinds exit path to make it more like a conventional grinder.

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I have had my eye on this as a decent filter grinder. I see it as an alternative to the US standard Bunn batch grinder (GH/GVH)
There is just no anecdotal review on that. The one from Seattle Coffee Gear is not the most reassuring.

I like Eureka but they need to pony up and hire a marketing department, they seriously remind me of Google in that area.


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I also have this grinder... I tried to get a set of SSP Mythos 2 from Korea but at that time they weren't making any... I installed 'brewing' SSP Mazzer Major burrs in mine. I had to drill and tap the carriers and don't really recommend it :)

While I'm impressed with the build quality, It was seriously mis-aligned. It wasn't too difficult to sandpaper align it tho...

It's a fast and messy grinder but with the SSP burrs makes great tasting coffee. I'm going to try to get me some Mythos 2 burrs yet


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any chance you took a picture of the burr chamber when you had the 75mm mythos burrs installed?
im curious how it looked. you said there was practically zero retention even with the 75mm burrs too?

out of curiosity, how is the compak e6 in comparison?