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Does anyone know when these might be available in the US? Looks like they were announce this year.


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In my eyes they kind of did it wrong. With the hopper on you still have a lot of popcorning. People that singledose most of the time don't use the hopper to make the grinder a lot shorter. Using the hopper filled with beans makes this system useless. They should have made a short cylinder with this kind of bellow function and made it narrower on the inside at the bottom to prevent popcorning but to let beans through.


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Well, at least the short "Blow Up" hopper is really short:

I think this looks pretty alright. Get the new Eureka Atom Brew Pro, upgrade to their 75mm Red Speed burrs, throw a short Blow Up hopper on there and you might have a real Titan single-doser.

Is this the first major grinder manufacturer to market towards single-dosing? Baratza really missed the boat as their grinders work great at it and everybody single-doses them anyway, but they don't market that way and their technicians will tell you not to do it.


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What I noticed with my Olympus is that with the hopper chute closed, there is enough coffee for 1 dose.

So I guess that with this system you could close the chute to avoid popcorning and still be able to use the pump for lower retention.

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That sounds interesting, just ordered he Olympus Then saw these. Will have to see when they will be available.


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Pffft .... why would you call this "blow up" when clearly it must blow down to have any intended purpose. Must be a language thing since you would also not want to think about any kind of "blow up" when referring to your grinder, or anything coffee related for that matter. Marketing flub IMHO.
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Yes, I thought this thread documented someone's grinder failure.

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This should work really well...I used to replace hopper lids with a stretchy silicone bowl lid that produced a similar bellows action when depressed quickly. It easily blew the chute clean on Mazzers and Compaqs, alas my beloved Anfim SCB required additional seals in several places to keep the air (and grinds) going where it needed to. Works well single dosing, also works well when timed dosing from a hopper.
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Hi Russell, do you have any pictures of your SCB mods? I didn't find mine convenient to attempt. Thanks!


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yakster wrote:Yes, I thought this thread documented someone's grinder failure.
I think this clip is fitting as both someone's grinder failure and a demonstration of Eureka's Blow Up System :D