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sprolever wrote:Because the link I've provided is from the "diamond inside" burrs and not the defaut?! :mrgreen: Sorry can't make it any more explicit than that.
I misread. You stated they are standard in the Atom Pro, not the 75, my mistake

I fully agree with you on the topics of geometry and coatings. I care very little about the coatings.

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I don't remember where, but I heard that the red speed coated Atom 75 burrs were the same geometry, but different coating.

I opted for Mythos burrs directly from SSP which has a completely different geometry, including differences between top and bottom burrs.


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I see in one of the online shops that they provide a titanium coated burrs (Mythos coate color) is it possible that the Mythos SSP has different geometry and ordering from then will get me the true Mythos 1 burrs?!