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hi folks

just wondering what sort of grind setting you guys use for light roasted beans typically (esp high altitude). I'm finding around the 4.25 mark seems about right?

very interested to see if anyone has found a much finer grind hits the spot for an espresso pour?



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It really depends what your recipe looks like and what do you want to achieve.

For a "normal" 25-30s shot, I'm around the 5 mark with my grinders for a fairly light espresso roast.


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LObin wrote:Since the blow-up system is offered as an option when purchasing the Specialita 75, I would contact Eureka to let them know about this issue. The least they could do is replace it with a standard small hopper.

Clive coffee claimed around 2.2-2.3g of retained grinds for the Specialita 75. Some beans are more static than others, though.
They're tests also show 2.5g for the Atom 65 and 2g for the original 60mm Atom.
I didn't have to do a review on the speciality 75E, or the blow up system and I don't sell it. I found, what I found which seem to be at odds with some other reviews but I didn't own it, hadn't spent my hard earned on it (no owners glasses) and it went back when I finished with it and received no payment or benefit in kind for the review. Which is why I expect it's the only "review" out there that says the blow up system is not good (at least on that grinder). The real kicker is the mess and issues it caused with the posters grinder, especially as it's useless.

It's a good on demand grinder with beans in the hopper, it's not a great single doser even with a blow up system and it was never designed to be. So I link to it here. You can see a review that's completely up front, totally honest, with nothing to gain. Sure it's my "view"....but I've been round the block a few times

https://coffeeequipmentreviews.wordpres ... e-grinder/


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Hi folks

Trying to dial in this grinder. I noticed that the finer I go with it, the more clumps I get. For example, if I go way down to a fineness of 3, I get these clumps all around, as seen in the attached pic (especially around the edges). Any idea what causes these clumps to get more as you get finer? If I grind at like 6, I get few if any clumps.



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I also have an Atom 75 (with TiN burrs) and I opened after it ground 28kg (mostly medium roasted Yellow Bourbon).
It looked really clean and there was only 1 gram of retained grounds. A fellow dutchman on a local forum measured a similar retention. We both do not use the blow up system.
Maybe something is wrong with yours...?


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And it's lightning fast.
I've done 44kg now and it grinds 18.5 grams in 2.5 seconds (!)

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Quenthel (original poster)

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Hey Marc,

Thanks for the comment. Do you use RDT by any chance?

I am going to open mine near the end of February and do another inspection. Since the last time I opened the grinder for cleaning, I haven't used the blow up system at all and am now curious to see the end result. The good news is that 18.5gr goes in and 18.5 comes out consistently, but I've only ran about 10kg of coffee through it and I only have the standard burrs out comes with.
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You're welcome!
I use it as a GOD grinder for the family's coffee needs and we seldom change beans, so I never actually single dose, and don't use RDT for that matter. I don't even grind away the first few grams in the morning; they end up in the kid's macchiatos :wink:


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InspectorGadget wrote:Grind retention is always a weird topic. It only makes a difference if it makes a difference to you.

I have had a Mazzer Robur for several years now. It retains 6.5 grams based on cleaning it right out after a month or so of use.

In terms of exchange of what is already retained it is about +/- 2 grams which is the average over 5 shots of weighing 18 grams each time. This is unmodified.

I quite believe 4 grams although the insides of the Atom 75 look like little would hide in there it can compress around and below the bottom burr and in the shoot of course. The variable will be too how sticky your grind is, oily grinds will hang up.

I used the Specialita Mignon for a while and was very impressed. It is as close to single dose as you can get. I sold it as I got a good buy on an Atom 60. I just wanted something bigger and based on my experience with the Robur, grind retention is a non-issue if you use your grinder every day. The first shot of the day tastes and pours the same as the last.

I think it is a shame people have got so anal about single dosing. I don't think the Niche Zero is a great grinder either unless you like the flavour from a conical which I find very very bitter due to fines...and I compared my near new Robur with the Specialita. God what a difference.

I would enjoy your 75 and forget about retention otherwise sell it and get a Niche and be happy with that. My advice though is to keep it.
Hey, since you used both a Specialita and an Atom, could I ask if you feel the upgrade was worth it? Not exactly the same, but I'm trying to decide between getting a new Specialita or a used Atom 65 for $250 more. Going back and forth in my mind if it would be worth it for the Atom or if I should just save my money and get the grinder with the smaller footprint.


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I think the Mignon is objectively the better grinder in many ways.

I am happy with the Atom as I wanted a bigger grinder, the controls are slightly better, PF is more robust, Hopper more robust and has an LED light.

I am happy but honestly if you were grading them on performance, the Specialita is neater, smaller and grinds just as well and retains less. The Atom also popcorns so no good for single dosing. The Atom 65 or 75 may be better on popcorning but I still wouldn't use an Atom for single dosing.