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#1: Post by cimbalino »

I've seen this grinder in Eureka website and thought it was interesting to share, this is not the same grinder as the Atom Brew pro

Main differences for the Specialty 75 and brew pro as far as i can see are:

- Different 75mm burr geometry
- 920W motor VS 800W
- Vents on the side of the casing
- New design lower skirt
- Bigger diameter adjustment knob for the stepless micrometric regulation system
- Grinding chute
- V60 Holder
- comes standard with the "Blow Up" system
- backlit logo


#2: Post by inzekt »

I would be really interested in it. Does anyone know the price?

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#3: Post by JCRW82 »

I have marked this one down as a potential replacement grinder for my broken down Virtuoso. There seems to be no other information on this grinder other than what was posted. I'm guessing that this will be released some time next year and it along with the Atom Brew Pro could be in the running for my V60/French Press grinder.


#4: Post by grover »

Any idea when this is coming out to retailers? With the disappointment in the Ceado pricing, I would love to know the price and timeline of this grinder.


#5: Post by Asriel » replying to grover »

Not much news on this. They only replied on their Facebook page that it is scheduled for 1Q 2019.


#6: Post by sabman » replying to Asriel »

Yea, my Facebook message to Eureka the other day was a terse "3-4 months." Looks like an interesting grinder (hoping for brew grind more so than espresso).


#7: Post by Asriel »

I just hope it is not a Atom 75 with the blowup mod. Hopefully they do a redesign of the 75mm for brew.

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cimbalino (original poster)

#8: Post by cimbalino (original poster) »

Well if it has a 900w motor, different burr geometry, new chute (looks like made of metal) probably has no clump crusher and is significantly heavier I would say it's quite different from the regular specialty 75.

cimbalino (original poster)

#9: Post by cimbalino (original poster) »

New photo.


#10: Post by JackHK »

So tired waiting this "more than 1 year" I buy Niche zero for no. 2 ... stro-test/