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Grinders are one of the keys to exceptional espresso. Discuss them here.

#61: Post by Apfelkuchen »

How are your experiences with the Atom Pro with light roast espresso so far? Does it grind fine enough? One user complained about the Atom Pro not grinding fine enough and that's why he send it back.


#62: Post by tarzan_monkeyman »

I've had a little more time to use the grinder and I can give a few more opinions on it.

I really like it as a single dosing filter/brew grinder. My v60s are great, and I find myself drinking them more than espresso in the morning. The retention at v60 settings is basically nothing, just a few taps on the bellows and I'm good to go. It also just grinds really fast, and has a v60 holder to grind directly into, making workflow fairly easy.

Switching between espresso and filter grind settings is pretty easy, I find myself making both v60s and espresso when I wake up, depending on my mood for the day.

As far as espresso, I can get some tasty shots, it just REALLY tests my skills as a home barista to do so. I pretty much just always just set the grind to zero, so that part is easy, but everything else pretty much needs to be on point. Meticulous puck prep, proper dose which is typically high, and on the fly pressure profiling on my flair which can be hard. The shots run fast like an EKspresso and tend to look really ugly on a naked portafilter. I've occasionally compared it to my kinu m47 Phoenix shots, and I do notice a difference, but honestly can't say I would prefer one over the other as far as taste, but the Phoenix is way more forgiving. With the Phoenix and a full manual lever I'm never too far off from a "good enough" grind setting to where I can just adjust preinfusion times or pressure profile.

The retention at the finest setting is sometimes hit or miss. It takes a little more effort on the bellows and will still occasionally retain up to .5g. I've found that going back to a coarser setting then using the bellows again will get the rest out. The grinder is still fairly new, so it could still use some seasoning.

My biggest complaint with the grinder: it can be very messy. The reliance on the blow up system just means that grinds will occasionally blow all over the place

Overall I'm not totally unhappy with the purchase, I do find I enjoy my v60s more than making espresso, so I'm very happy in that regard. It just doesn't totally satisfy my want for a "perfect" all in one grinder. I do foresee myself getting a more forgiving espresso only grinder in the future and keeping the Atom as my filter grinder. It's a little too fussy for me to make espresso sometimes as I'm constantly switching coffees, but when I do feel like experimenting I do have that option (or I can just use my Phoenix for less fuss).