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Erik, thanks for that input! I want to make sure I understand correctly: you've had no issues running the grinder at a setting where the burrs are in contact with the grinder empty? Do you usually give it a hot start at that kind of setting, or load your beans and then grind?


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I pour the beans in at the moment I turn on the grinder so kind of a hybrid method. Have a look at the video where you can clearly see what a difference it makes. And this takes only half of the play out of the threads away as I can go down to a full number lower. Just don't leave the grinder running empty for too long.

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Thanks for the video, that's super helpful. I'll give that a try next time I go to pull a shot.


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Was curious if you had any other thoughts now you've had both for a while. I'm in the same dilemma.


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Same question


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I have the Atom 75 and now the Lagom P100. I'm no expert but no matter what I did the Atom produced an overly acidic flavor. I assumed it was my problem and maybe it is my problem. The P100 produces a very fluffy ground. So fluffy I went from 20 to 18g. I usually do 2:1 in 27 to 32 seconds. The acidity is gone or very faint. I know acidity is a natural flavor note. Especially with light/ medium roasts. Even when I mess up the recipe the flavor is amazing.

To summarize, the P100 using SSP 98mm HU burrs is light-years better than the Atom 75. I suspect the other highend grinders mentioned in the title will have similar results.